Patera Oval – Modern chandelier from Øivind Slaatto and Louis Poulsen

7 September 2021
Patera Oval – Modern chandelier from Øivind Slaatto and Louis Poulsen
In 2015, Louis Poulsen and Øivind Slaatto launched the gorgeous modern Patera chandelier, bringing the delicate Scandinavian style together with an exciting dome-shape made up of handwoven diamond cells. The timeless blend of new and old has now received a makeover in the form of an oval design that makes the lamp more flexible and suitable for rooms with low ceilings. The new model is no longer a sphere but an organic oval, inspired by the natural shapes of nature like much of Slaatto’s other work.

The functional core of the design remains unchanged, featuring the same captivating diamond-shaped cells that allow gentle, comfortable rays of light to escape. The smart design ensures that the light never blinds or irritates the eyes. The lamp is open at the bottom, directing a cone of light down onto the table or floor below to ensure a solid base light for the dining table or sofa arrangement as it disperses into a milder, more indirect glow. The intricate pattern captivates and commands attention even when the lamp is off, adding a graceful touch of Nordic style to any home.

The lovely lamp was designed by Øivind Slaatto, who has won numerous awards for his work with Bang & Olufsen and Le Klint, not to mention his work on Patera in collaboration with Louis Poulsen. His designs are influenced by nature, and he strives to recreate the harmonious feel using simple biological shapes. Patera features the mathematical structure known as Fibonacci’s spiral, which forms the basis of natural shapes like sunflowers, pinecones, and snail shells.

Find the lovely Patera Oval here