Le Klint Shades + Accessories

If you’re looking for a spare part, accessory, or classic pleated LE KLINT lampshade, look no further! Find our range of products from the Danish designer brand known for its high-quality pleated paper lampshades below. Amongst other things, you can find the smart Cord Adjuster, a replacement plug, and a wall lamp bracket—and the brand’s various pleated lampshades, of course.
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Pleated lampshades ad libitum since 1943!

LE KLINT is first and foremost known for its pleated paper lampshades. The Danish brand’s classic folding technique is a timeless element that should be part of every lamp enthusiast’s arsenal. Pleated lampshades ensure a comfortable light and distribute the glow in a soft and comfortable way. If you buy a LE KLINT lamp, it obviously comes with a lampshade—but if you have a plug without a lampshade, you can buy one of the lovely pleated lampshades separately right here!
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