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A home is more than just a practical solution with a collection of functional furniture. Many people are interested in creating a home that appears inviting and is filled with cosy rooms that provide space to retreat and recharge. In your home, small things can make a massive different – sometimes an object might not have a practical function, instead contributing personal meaning. Some people fill their houses with expensive art while others prefer homemade decorative elements. No matter your preference, the details contribute personality, create a sense of unity, and establish the exact atmosphere in which you thrive. Among other things, the category is home to mirrors, trays, vases, hooks, throws, and candlesticks from brands like Menu, Muuto, Woud, and Gubi.
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Your interior design is a reflection of your personality and where you’re at right now. We change a great deal throughout our lives, and your home will always reflect that. There are no rules when it comes to interior design. Regardless of whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, you need to decorate it with the things you like. Combine it with memories you’ve made over your life and new things you’ve gathered – that’ll make all the difference.

Vases with lovely flowers breathe life into your décor
Vases can be used in any room to bring a touch of personality into your interior design. If you’re lucky enough to have a windowsill, that’s a great place to put a vase with flowers as they’ll bask in the light from the window. The lovely Echasse collection by Menu is decorative in itself, and you can use them on their own. Choose between a clear glass vase or a smoky glass version—either as a 28 cm flower vase or a large 60 cm vase that works as the perfect floor decoration.

If you don’t have a windowsill, you might want to consider a plant pedestal for your vases. Pidestall Plants by Woud is available in three different sizes, and this object is a great way to put things in focus. The pedestal is a popular interior design element at the moment, and it’s perfect for lifting your plants from the floor and bringing them into the light.

Candlesticks to cultivate cosiness
Candles can add something special when you allow them to set the mood in a room. By incorporating a couple of candlesticks in your décor, you can change the entire expression and give the room a breath of fresh air. The Pov wall candlestick is a light, elegant, and smart candlestick for your wall. It’s available for tapered and tealights with round and oval shapes. You can also choose between the brass candlestick with a classic elegant expression and a black candlestick to creative a more Scandinavian and contrasting look, especially in conjunction with a white wall. Get an atmospheric glow on your coffee table or window sill with a Cluster Candle holder. The white candle holder has a lovely graphic expression that’ll spice up your interior design.

Throws for the couch
Is there anything cosier than throwing yourself on the couch and snuggling up under a gorgeous throw? Bringing fabrics into your living room is a great way to give it a touch of personality. It’s decorative, cosy, and incredibly practical if you have a tendency to get cold at night. The Double Throw by Woud is a throw made from 100% Merino wool. Aside from keeping you warm, the throw adds a discreet colour to your interior design. Choose between Indian red, navy blue, or the forest green/navy blue combination.

Practical and decorative shelves for your home
Shelves can be used all over the home, whether as a practical solution or a decorative element to focus attention on knickknacks, pictures, and memories. A shelf in the kitchen gives you extra space for your spices or the option to bring a set of lovely crockery out of the cupboard. In the living room, you can benefit from placing it quite low by adorning it with large paintings or tall plants. Put it closer to the ceiling for novelties and a stray vine to make use of your walls and bring an element of height into your décor. Folded Shelves by Muuto are available in various sizes to suit all corners of your home. Use the shelves as an alternative nightstand to clear up some floor space in your bedroom.

Mirrors in your interior design
More and more people are choosing to incorporate mirrors into their interior design – not just as a functional element, but also for decoration. Aside from being a natural part of your bathroom, entrance, and bedroom, mirrors get a life of their own when used in the living room décor. Not only do large mirrors have a decorative effect, but they also reflect light so you get even more out of the natural light.

If you’re on the lookout for a mirror for your walls, we have a gorgeous selection of Gubi mirrors - both round and square with a leather frame and brass details. You can also find the classic makeup mirror Pepe Mirror by Menu with a normal reflection on one side and 300% on the other. Choose between black, white marble, or a version made with wood, and pick a free-standing or a wall model.
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