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Kartell was founded in Italy in 1949 by the chemical engineer Giulio Castelli. Castelli started out producing plastic products for the auto industry. The company later expanded to plastic products for the household and finally to designer lamps. Kartell’s profile and history is characterised by modern design and high technology in connection with the production of groundbreaking plastic products. Their product range contains a long list of world-renowned designs created by legendary names like Ron Arad, Antonio Citterio, Michele De Lucchi, Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni, Vico Magistretti, Enzo Mari, Alberto Meda, Paolo Rizzatto and Philippe Starck. These deisgners all valued the wealth of knowledge Kartell has regarding plastic technology and the innovative ways plastic can contribute to modern living. Kartell’s collection of designer lamps includes the incredibly beautiful Bourgie – an absolute bestseller. Its Baroque style works well in many homes – it illuminates a room beautifully and the lamp is a decoration itself.

In recent years the FL/Y lamp has stormed onto the bestseller lists. FL/Y is a pendant with a large transparent shade made in a wide range of colours, and it fits into every situation and every home.
Ge' Pendant Rose - Kartell
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E' Wall Lamp Green - Kartell
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FL/Y Pendant Chrome - Kartell
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E' Wall Lamp White - Kartell
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More about Kartell lamps

Kartell has more than sixty years of experience designing classic furniture and plastic lighting fixtures and it is largely thanks to this experience that the company is internationally renowned for its Italian and international designs.
So if you’re on the lookout for a unique designer lamp that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, you should consider having a look at the lamp collection from Kartell—you’re sure to find something that suits your exact style.
Kartell has been a trendsetter from day one, thanks to its modern and fashionable product selections. In recent years, the company has started focusing more on producing distinctive plastic lamps that combine quality with pleasing shapes and amazing colours. The assortment of products is so varied that Kartell is nothing short of a super-brand. Since 1949, the company has made Italian design history multiple times by combining creativity with innovation and glamour in order to create unique collections of plastic style icons. Its collections are the epitome of originality, variation, and depth.
During its time as an active company, Kartell has managed to change the way we think about plastic. Whereas we used to think of plastic in terms of its functionality, we now see it as a luxurious product that can help us decorate our homes. Kartell develops new models all the time and each new model shows us that its knack for innovation is consistent. There is no doubt that this is a brand we’ll see even more of in the future. Kartell is a brand that combines fashion and interior design. Amongst its partners are fashion designers like Missioni and D&G. The goal of Kartell’s designs is to make fashionable and unique products available to private consumers—at reasonable prices.
In Scandinavia, Kartell is mainly known for its amazing Bourgie lamp, which is available in a range of colours and sizes. Kartell works together with internationally recognised designers like Philippe Starck to create its timeless designs that suits any part of the home.
Kartell’s trademark qualities are its creativity, technology, glamour, functionality, quality, and innovation. Alongside a strategic vision for distribution, this unusual combination of factors has contributed massively to the consistent success Kartell has experienced. The company is remarkably knowledgeable and it is thanks to this abundance of knowledge that it has its plastic technology and innovative uses under control. Its lamps usually offer transparent or bold colours. If you’re looking for a product that will attract attention, Kartell is the way to go. The company’s collections consist of a selection of pendants, table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps.

Although the company’s Ge’ pendel lamp has a fairly standard shape, its expression is unique. The combination of an aesthetic shape, wonderful lighting, and a synthetic shade makes this lamp one of the most special products in Kartell’s collection. It’s a phenomenal lamp to help you create the perfect framework for your interior design.
Another outstanding example from the Kartell collection is the Bloom model. The Bloom model offers a floral shape that commands attention and produces soft and cosy lighting. It’s perfect for any living room—and it wouldn’t look half bad over the dinner table either.

We have a broad selection, so take a journey through this plastic universe - one full of design classics that create fashion instead of following it.

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