Vitra Pendants

The Vitra pendant range includes the Akari pendants, designed by the artistic Isamu Noguchi. The pendants are clearly inspired by the round rice paper lamp we know and love, but with an elegant and modern design that appeals even more to the trends of our time. Focusing on each individual detail, the lamps are created by hand, and the process takes about six hours from start to finish.

The traditional rice paper lamp has once again found its way into modern décor – and for good reason. On top of creating a dreamy expression, the lamp has a soft and calm light that contributes to the relaxing atmosphere. Find the traditional round rice paper lamp, where the solid paper breaks up the electric light to create a warm glow reminiscent of the sun. Alternatively, find the sculptural and modern reinterpretation that hearkens back to Japanese rice paper lantern traditions.
Akari 45A Pendant - Vitra
RRP EUR 355.00
In stock now
Akari 75A Pendant - Vitra
RRP EUR 1,175.00
In stock now
Akari 23A Pendant - Vitra
RRP EUR 405.00
In stock now
Akari 70EN Pendant - Vitra
RRP EUR 675.00
In stock now
Akari 55A Pendant - Vitra
RRP EUR 424.00
Back in stock on: 20-12-2023
Akari 26A Pendant - Vitra
Back in stock on: 23-05-2024
Akari E Pendant - Vitra
RRP EUR 2,417.00
Back in stock on: 09-07-2024
Akari 33N Pendant - Vitra
RRP EUR 958.00
Back in stock on: 14-08-2024
Akari 45X Pendant - Vitra
RRP EUR 429.00
In stock now
Akari 16A Pendant - Vitra
Expected in: 150 - 180 days
Akari 50EN Pendant - Vitra
RRP EUR 424.00
In stock now
Akari 21A Pendant - Vitra
Back in stock on: 07-02-2024
Akari YP1 Pendant - Vitra
Back in stock on: 20-12-2023
Akari 120A Pendant - Vitra
Back in stock on: 14-08-2024
Akari 15A Pendant - Vitra
RRP EUR 1,027.00
Back in stock on: 24-05-2024
Akari 75D Pendant - Vitra
RRP EUR 934.00
Back in stock on: 18-02-2024
Akari 55D Pendant - Vitra
RRP EUR 380.00
Back in stock on: 17-01-2024
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