Vipp – a little luck and a lot of love

In 1932, Holger Nielsen wins a car, which he proceeds to sell in order to buy a stamping press. His wife, Marie, owned a salon, and one day she asked Holger: “I need a bin for the salon, can you make one?”

Out in his workshop, he created a bin, and nowadays, we know that bin as the Vipp Pedal Bin.

The Vipp design firm is coming up on its 80th anniversary, and the company is still family-owned and run by Holger’s daughter Jette Egelund, her two children, Kasper and Sofie, and 45 employees in Copenhagen.

Vipp lamps

With its solid DNA to fall back on, Vipp has decided to take on the lamp design industry. The expressions of their lamps are just as clean as that of the classic Vipp bin.

Add a Vipp lamp to your décor, and lift your home with a solid, lovely piece of design.

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Read on and allow us to walk you through the gorgeous Vipp lamp collection.
Vipp 524

Vipp 524

One of the company’s most popular lamps is Vipp 524. This wall lamp is ideal for use over your bathroom mirror or on the walls of your bedroom. Vipp 524 is also known as the Vipp wall spot.

See the popular Vipp 524 lamp here
Vipp 522

Vipp 522

Aside from the neat little 524, the collection also offers the raw yet feminine Vipp 522. This wall lamp is equipped with a long arm, making it particularly well suited for use as a reading light by the sofa or, if you have an elevation bed, in which case you will be able to use the lamp for all its intended purposes.

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Vipp table lamp

Vipp table lamp

Vipp has designed two table lamps, a classic desk lamp, and a cosy table lamp. The Vipp 521 desk lampcan be placed on the bedside table or by the corner table in the living room, where it can cast its cosy reading light. The Vipp 530 table lampis just as lovely, and this lamp is the perfect fit for the windowsill or the bookshelf. It has a shape that borders on retro but a design and choice of material that makes it a modern product that fits perfectly into minimalist and Scandinavian décor.
Vipp pendant

Vipp pendant

When you see the Vipp pendants, it doesn’t take much imagination to imagine them hanging over the kitchen island or over the workspace in the kitchen. You can even consider pairing it with the classic Vipp bin or the popular Vipp soap dispenser for that added touch.
The Vipp pendant is available in 2 sizes – Vipp 526, which is the largest pendant with a diameter of 29 cm, and Vipp 528 with a diameter of 16.5 cm.

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Vipp floor lamp

Vipp floor lamp

To complete the beautiful collection, Vipp has also created a lovely floor lamp, which is effectively a large edition of the popular Vipp 521 table lamp.

Let the Vipp floor lamp become your preferred reading lamp or allow it to take up space in the room, which it’ll do with the utmost of grace—this is a floor lamp that you can’t help but want to own.

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