The Boston collection from Danish House Doctor

House Doctor has managed to crack the code with its stunning Boston collection, which consists of a pendant in two sizes and a table lamp. This article shines a light on House Doctor and reveals how the brand has created a design that blends honest materials, contrasts, traditional artisanry, and modern design to create functional, atmospheric lamps.

The reinvented 50s lamp

Boston is well-proportioned and timeless with a design that hearkens back to the 50s, while the details and materials contribute an industrial look. The classic touch is unmistakeable, and it’s obvious that the Ikast-based interior design brand endeavours to create classic lamps in modern, updated clothes.

The materials have a big role to play in the Boston collection. The dome’s matte opal glass creates a soft and comfortable light, which is reflected in the rounded metal surfaces. The Gunmetal and Antique Brown shades also work beautifully with the materials as they wrap themselves around the metal. The colours contribute to the industrial character of the lamp, giving it a surface that isn’t necessarily uniform. This is a conscious choice as details are important to House Doctor. The brand doesn’t shy away from imperfections, instead striving to achieve an honest and perfectly imperfect look. This may be reflected in small irregularities in the surface or vague traces of the production process.

When light is more than light

A lamp should contribute something to your décor, even when it isn’t on. The Boston lamps sit comfortably between functional and timeless design. You can place the pendant at any height, even all the way up on the ceiling. The matte dome ensures a glare-free glow that bathes the room in a soft and comfortable light. Use it as a ceiling lamp or suspend it over the dining table, where it frames your cosy moments and family dinners. With two sizes and timeless colours, there are plenty of ways to find the perfect fit for your style of décor and needs.

The table lamp creates a focused glow that’s still soft enough to create a cosy, relaxed atmosphere. Its size makes it ideal for side tables, offices, sideboards, and windowsills, where it adds depth, a good light, and a great atmosphere. With an identical expression from the dining area into the living room, you can use the Boston lamps to create a cohesive look that’s aesthetically pleasing and lights up the room just the way you want it.

Light in the darkness

One thing is certain: the lamps from House Doctor have a distinct and unique look, uninterrupted by colours but with a focus on shapes, materials, details, and expressions. The lamps contribute a stunning contrast to minimalist homes, where their designs truly come into their own, whether they’re on or not. The demands placed on each lamp are high, but luckily, elegant design is one of House Doctor’s areas of expertise. A unique lamp like Big Fellow is a great example. The design manages to combine a stylish expression with an industrial touch that makes it a particularly aesthetic and interesting addition to your decor. The lamp consists of a stunning black lampshade that looks beautiful with its golden base and marble-like dome as it bathes the room in a warm and cosy glow.

If you’re looking for a flexible lamp that contributes a cosy, warm light in more than one place, then you should consider Bring. This lamp is the obvious choice if you need stunning outdoor light on a late summer’s evening or if you’re just looking for a portable light source without messy cables. With Bring, aesthetic and functionality come together to create something unique—and no matter where you place it, the lamp contributes a comfortable light, thanks to the built-in dimmer that allows you to adjust the brightness to suit your mood and needs.

If you need a light source that can light up a bigger area, you should consider Molecular. The lamp has a unique, sculptural shape, and it is remarkably beautiful and eye-catching whether it’s on or not. The wide-reaching, adjustable arms make the lamp a practical solution that bathes your home in an incredible glow. Mount it above the dining table, in a corner of the living room, or as an elegant light source in the hallway, where it’s guaranteed to impress your guests.

First-rate Danish design

House Doctor, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022, has paid lots of attention to detail and finish in the Boston collection. From the soft light to the surfaces that keep surprising us to the well-considered material. The iron comes into its own in this design, where the surface and joints contribute an industrial touch that adds a bit of edge to any décor.

Instead of chasing the latest colours and trends, House Doctor plays around with small details and finishes that make the different. Looking at the Boston collection, what jumps out at you is the surface finish and the way the raw materials blend with the organic shapes. All in all, this is a design that radiates ‘new classic’ and is guaranteed to stay popular in the long run.

Read more about House Doctor

House Doctor offers a wide range of unique lamps that have been deeply anchored in the Scandinavian design tradition since the beginning. Details are of the utmost important to this Danish designer brand, whether it’s the surface finish, material composition, or functionality. No matter what, the result is an exceptional product that fits seamlessly into your décor.

Aside from manufacturing extraordinary lamps, House Doctor has also started creating home accessories to suit your every need and spice up your décor. You can choose freely from a wide range of products and mix and match to put a personal and Nordic spin on your décor while building a comfortable and cosy atmosphere. Let yourself be inspired by House Doctor and the brand’s unique universe that bathes your home in a cosy and homely atmosphere.

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