The AJ collection in new colours!

We love the AJ lamps, and if you do too, then we’re confident that you’ll be excited about these gorgeous new products! On top of black, white, and light petroleum, the new collection includes dark green, ochre yellow, rust red, midnight blue, aubergine, and two shades of grey. The colours tie beautifully into Arne Jacobsen’s universe and have been carefully selected to highlight the essence of the AJ lamp.
<hr><font size="+2">Maybe it’s time to be brave?</font>

Maybe it’s time to be brave?

The AJ collection is a true design classic, and we’re beyond excited that the collection is growing to include a range of beautiful new colours!

Picking a favourite can be hard, but if you love the Nordic style, Wall in black might be the obvious choice for you. But maybe it’s time to be brave and go a little more colourful? With the recent additions to the AJ collection, there’s never been a better time to try something new.

<hr><font size="+2">Bring some light into your life with the new AJ lamps</font>

Bring some light into your life with the new AJ lamps

If you had to dare to choose a colour or two, Midnight Blue or Aubergine might be a good place to start as the two colours are deep and calm and work well with grey hues. The dark blue and petroleum models have been—and continue to be—very popular because of their muted nature that contributes a sense of calm and balance. It’s a great way to add some colour and warmth to your décor if you’re not feeling too colourful.

If you want to give your home a makeover, there are plenty of small things you can do to change the expression of your décor. Painting a single wall in the bedroom, kitchen, or living room is a popular solution, and grey hues are particularly popular. If you want something different and new, we recommend dark blue or aubergine and an AJ lamp to match, and just like that, your décor is brand new.
<hr><font size="+2">Light up your life with a kaleidoscope of colour!</font>

Light up your life with a kaleidoscope of colour!

Alongside the AJ lamps in Aubergine, Midnight Blue, and Light and Dark Grey, the brand also launched the more eye-catching Ochre Yellow, Rust Red, Light Petroleum, and Dark Green. The new colours are closely tied to Arne Jacobsen’s own universe and selected based on which colours best highlight the essence of the AJ lamp.

So, fill your life with colour, challenge your senses, and bring life and a dynamic touch into your décor with eye-catching hues like Ochre Yellow and Rust Red. They’re guaranteed to be an extraordinary addition to neutral and minimalist homes in need of that final touch.

Stunning petroleum shades work remarkably well with green hues and vice versa, so the Dark Green and Light Petroleum AJ lamps are perfect together, commanding attention in white or neutral interiors and providing a stunning aesthetic contrast.
<hr><font size="+2">Save yourself a mirror with the Polished Steel AJ lamps</font>

Save yourself a mirror with the Polished Steel AJ lamps

Get an original AJ lamp in steel with a polished finish. In true Arne Jacobsen style, it reflects its surroundings and highlights the simple and distinct look that characterises the AJ design, all while providing an excellent light. The unique Polished Steel also gives the lamps a modern and exclusive look that suits any style of décor and commands attention.

Find all the incredible Polished Steel AJ lamps here

This is one of our favourites, but there are plenty to choose from, which is a great thing because we all have different styles and tastes.