Replace your candles with lifelike LED lights

In recent years, the use of LED candles in homes has increased significantly. Many people have shied away from battery-operated candles because they seemed too artificial. It's also often heard that the fake candles don't spread the same coziness as candles. But thanks to innovative LED technology, the lights are becoming more and more lifelike. Today, it can be hard to tell the difference between a traditional candle and an LED version.

If you want to create the cozy atmosphere we know from candles, you can safely choose the smart LED candles. Whether at home, in a shop or restaurant, you don't have to compromise on the look or the warm atmospheric light.

Why you should choose LED candles

Many people find that the authentic and cozy feel disappears when using artificial candles. With the latest developments, you can't tell the difference unless you're made aware of it. But there are also several other benefits to consider:

Safety is one of them and perhaps the most important. For example, around Christmas, firefighters are sometimes called out to fires caused by forgotten Christmas decorations with candles. The worst thing that can happen to an LED light if it is forgotten is that it runs out of power. It doesn't get hot, so there's no risk of children or animals burning themselves on the candle.

Replacing your traditional candles with LEDs also has benefits for the indoor climate in your home. They don't soot like candles and therefore don't bother your eyes, nose or lungs - even with many candles lit at the same time. The candles can be used for longer than the traditional solution because they use batteries. You can also increase the economic benefit by using rechargeable batteries.  With the electric light, you can also leave the light "burning" on the windowsill when you're out, so it still looks like someone is home.
As an alternative to candlelights throughout the home

As an alternative to candlelights throughout the home

The most commonly used types of candles - tealights, pillar candles and tealights - are all available in different LED versions. With traditional tealights, you have the option of placing the candles in your small tealight holders on the table or windowsill. They also fit perfectly in a small indoor lantern as they can be used without the lantern getting hot or sooty.

If you have a slightly larger lantern or light-house, LED pillar candles can also be used here. They're also a great alternative in a creative decoration or advent wreath, as you don't risk the candles burning down and igniting flammable materials, and you also avoid candle wax running down the side and ruining tablecloths, window sills and other surfaces.

More recently, you can also get the classic crown candles with LED, which are remotely similar to ordinary candles. They are the same size as the traditional crown candle and therefore fit easily into your favorite candle holder, where the lifelike, dancing flame provides a charming light.

LED candles with remote control and timer

More and more LED candles have the option of a timer function and/or remote control. It's not a necessity, but it can have many benefits. With a remote control, you can turn your lights on and off without having to take them out of the candle holder or lantern. You can also set the candles to turn off automatically; often after 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours, which is also the burn time of many traditional candles. This means you don't have to worry about forgetting to extinguish your candles and using unnecessary battery power.
Uyuni Lighting: LED lights with unique 3D flames

Uyuni Lighting: LED lights with unique 3D flames

Danish company Uyuni Lighting has a range of battery-powered lights that are among the most popular on the market. The flame has no physical movement and therefore does not use unnecessary amounts of battery power. Thanks to LED technology, their artificial candles have a particularly lifelike flame that gives the sensation of a small tongue of fire that stands and flickers lightly. Whether you choose tealights, pillar candles or crown candles, you'll get the cozy atmosphere we know from candlelight. A great alternative to candles that ensures coziness without affecting your indoor climate.

Inspired by the crystal clear night sky over South America's Uyuni salt flats, the idea for the unique 3D flame was born. The night sky over the isolated salt plains is crystal clear due to the clean air and the distance to the nearest disturbing light. The designer's desire to bring the distant galaxies into every home around the world resulted in the innovative range of candles with the gently flickering light.

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