Singles’ Day at

International Singles Day is the world’s biggest treat-yourself event, and it takes place annually on 11/11. In 2023, Lampmasters is celebrating Singles Day with lots of gorgeous deals from November 11th through November 14th. Get ready for lots of exciting deals on all three days. Some of them are available for a limited supply only, so don’t wait too long once you know what you want!

What are we celebrating on Singles Day?

Singles Day (or Guanggun Jie, as it’s known is China) started as a way to break with the monotony and loneliness of being single. Story has it that was what four students at Nanjing University were discussing in 1993. They decided to celebrate singlehood by choosing a day to fill with fun activities with your friends.

It’s no coincidence that Singles Day is celebrated on 11th of November. The date was chosen because it features most ‘singles’ (1s): 1-1/1-1.

The tradition quickly spread to other universities around China and eventually spread to the rest of the world. In its early years, Singles Day was seen as an alternative to Valentine’s Day, so most of the deals were intended for single people. These days, you’ll find promos on more or less all kinds of products on Singles Day, just like we know and love from Black Friday sales.

Whether you’re single or not, it’s important to treat yourself. Pamper yourself a little and give yourself a power boost before we head into the Christmas season. Treat yourself or someone you love to a new lamp. On top of the gift of giving, you get a gift that lights up the heart of your home and bathes its surroundings in a cosy touch—whether you’re with the people you love or enjoying a moment in your own company.