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iF Design Award, Compasso d'Oro, Red Dot Award and Bobedres Design Awards. There are many awards you can win if you produce a good design - here you can read the stories about the prestigious awards and see the lamps that have won.

Award-winning lamps at Lampmasters

Every year, design awards are handed out all over the world and the best of the best innovative products are honored with awards and trophies. The many recognized design awards mark those who in one way or another set the direction in which the design profession will move - and the awards are a prestigious stamp of design quality that means designers can call themselves award-winning.
As one of the largest lighting companies, we carry a wide range of the lights that have received awards over the years - and in the articles below you can explore the many award-winning models that inspire and seduce, and you can read about the different awards and their meaning!


The iF Design Award is a historic, coveted and old design award - in fact, it predates the Red Dot Award by two years when it was first awarded in 1953, making it the world's oldest independent design institution. Competition is fierce and in 2022, 11,000 designs from 57 different countries had to fight hard to win.

The institution was founded to support and inspire industrial design in 1950s Germany, which was still struggling with the aftermath of the war. In Hannover, chosen by the British occupation forces as the West German trade center, entrepreneur Philip Rosenthal joined forces with the BDI (Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie) and Hannover Messegesellschaft to form iF e.V - which stood for Die Gute Industrieform - and later Industrie Forum.

iF helped transform the meaning of German design into what we know it for today; durable, thoughtful and precise. Today, designers from all over the world can compete - and among lamp manufacturers, Light-Point, Santa & Cole and Luisa Prandina are all winners!

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When you think of iconic design countries, there's no doubt that Italy comes to mind. Since the dawn of time, the land of boots has been a pioneer in aesthetics and design - and whether you're an automotive, fashion, architecture or lighting enthusiast, Italy has a deep and long tradition of designing some of the most exquisite products in their respective categories.

Since 1954, the very best designers have been able to lift the golden compass (Compasso d'Oro) for designing iconic, immortal products. The Alfa Romeo Brera, Fiat 500, Olivetti typewriter and the original beanbag chair are just some of those who have won the award - as well as lamps from Artemide, Luceplan and Flos, among others.

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The Red Dot Award is undoubtedly one of the most coveted awards in the design world. Since 1955, the best awards of the time have been chosen annually by a tough jury - and today the award is just as attractive as it was over 50 years ago.

Today, both the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept, but it is still the Red Dot Award: Product Design that is truly coveted. Here, the innovation, functionality and longevity of a given product design is measured by the 50 experts who make up the Red Dot jury. Designers from all over the world compete for the coveted seal of quality that is the Red Dot stamp.

The award is basically given to anything that is designed in an innovative and thoughtful way. Headlights, cordless vacuum cleaners, wheelbarrows and air-to-air heaters - but of course it's the lamps that we are particularly interested in here at Lampemesteren. Of the brands we sell, Nordlux, IP44, Light-Point and Blomus have won awards!

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The Design Awards are presented by the magazines Bo Bedre, Costume Living and Bolig Magasinet and are awarded to the best Danish designers and design talents. Every year, a big award show is held where the various designers are present to receive their awards. The Design Awards celebrate products in the categories Design of the Year, Comeback of the Year, Green Idea of the Year, Furniture of the Year, Designer of the Year, Creative of the Year, Innovative of the Year, Firebrand of the Year, Talent of the Year and of course Lamps of the Year, which we here at Lampemesteren are especially concerned with!

Previous winners include Yuh from Louis Poulsen, Mutatio from Le Klint and Tip from Muuto - and of course many more.

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