Get inspired: three decor tricks with Muuto's Top Pendant Light

15 May 2023
Get inspired: three decor tricks with Muuto's Top Pendant Light
When Swiss Big-Game and Muuto joined forces to create the Top Pendant, the mission was to create a lamp that was versatile. A lamp that can solve all tasks and that can lift all types of interior design. The iconic shape, the shades it comes in and the great light make Top a lamp that everyone can find a place for - but how exactly do you use it? We've gathered three suggestions to inspire and inform below:

1. Classic lighting over the kitchen island

The metallic lamps and painted shade mean you can add a pop of color to otherwise monotonous decor - but at the same time, the muted colors mean these lamps will never go out of style.

With two, three, or more top pendants above the kitchen island, you have both practical and aesthetic lighting that can illuminate whatever you're doing at the kitchen island - whether it's preparing food, socializing with the family, or having breakfast at the café. If you choose two or more identical pendants, you can achieve a café or bar atmosphere that you would otherwise only experience in trendy cities like Berlin or London.

2. Cluster art in the living room

The many different sizes and colors that the Top pendant lamp is available in not only exist so that you can find exactly the one that suits your home - it is absolutely allowed to combine the different variants.

In a dark corner, 3-4 top pendants hung at different heights can work wonders - but in a dull interior, they can be a miracle. Combine both sizes and colors and achieve the dynamism and colorfulness that Muuto is known for. The lamps are in Muuto colors, so you can be sure that they all go beautifully together!

3. Dining or living room table lighting

Whatever type of dining or living room table you want to illuminate, there's a Top pendant light for the job.

The wide range of colors ensures you can always find one to match your decor - and the variety of shapes means you can always find a Top pendant that fits the size. If you have a large, round table, we recommend choosing the low but wide Top, which spreads the light beautifully - and if you have an oblong table, you can combine several of the smaller ones! The possibilities are endless.

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