New trend: Molecular lamps

Are you familiar with them already? They’re huge right now and you’re likely to see them on Instagram and Pinterest. Numerous interior design inspiration pages have pinpointed them as the big design trend right now. We think they’re wonderful too and that’s why we’ve found all the best ones for you.

The term ‘molecular lamp’ refers to pendants and chandeliers with multiple light sources all connected in a molecular pattern. They’re incredibly decorative whether they’re on or off and they add a modern and sculptural expression to your interior design. Hang a molecular lamp over your dining table or your kitchen island to give the room an immediate upgrade.

Combine the two biggest trends in interior design – brass and molecular lamps – for a modern look

The Franklin Chandelier in Brass from Menu offers a beautiful combination of brass and the molecular pattern. The shape of the lamp is quite special and it has an industrial look. The lamp is big and takes up a lot of space, making it perfect for rooms with high ceilings and long dining tables.

Do you want an industrial lamp or a raw one?
Get this lamp by the Danish brand Menu.
Molecular Pendant Lamp 5-bulb from House Doctor is fabricated in brass and has five light sources in a molecular pattern. The pendant has an antique look and is a particularly beautiful example of a molecular lamp. The lamp can be used anywhere in your home, but it’s especially well-suited for central living areas.

Combine the antique expression with modern molecular lamps.
Buy this lovely pendant from House Doctor right here.
TheBallroom Molecule Pendant Brass/Army gives you the chance to really embrace modern design combined with handmade quality. Aside from the hand-blown glass shades, the lamp consists of a glowing brass frame. This lovely pendant by the Danish company Design by Us is innovative and colourful – and incredibly modern right now.
101 Copenhagen has created this modernist pendant that combines an architectural shape with the modern molecular pattern. The shades are made from brushed brass, thus ensuring the lamp’s place as one of the highly modern molecular lamps out there!

Which molecular lamp will you choose?

You can already find molecular lamps in many homes around the world. They're an obvious choice to hang over a dining table, since the multiple light sources illuminate both the table itself and the entire room - perfect dining lighting. It's easy to see why they're so popular.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that the selection is huge and it can be almost impossible to choose. We hope this little guide to some of the options you can find here at Lampemesteren will help you find the one that works best with your decorating style - but which one will you choose?