New Louis Poulsen products for Autumn 2018



NEWS 2021
As 2021 comes to a close, we look back on the many events that have made this year stand out. Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States, the Danish film Another Round won an Oscar, and Angela Merkel passed the torch to Olaf Scholz after 16 years as the Chancellor of Germany—and that’s not to mention the various news from Louis Poulsen

Verner Panton’s Panthella celebrates its birthday with jubilee sizes and colours.

2021 marked the 50th anniversary of the legendary Danish designer Verner Panton creating the Panthella lamp. When Panton drew the lamp as the Olsen Gang in Jutland and Ballade på Christianshavn rolled across the big screen in Denmark, he probably didn’t expect that it would still be this popular half a century later.

In 2021, the lamp was released in a jubilee size with a 320 mm diameter and metallised brass finish – the same finish we know and love from Panthella Mini.

Find Panthella 320 here, and check out Panthella Mini in metallised brass here!
Patera Pendant in new sizes

In 2021, the attention-grabbing Patera by the Danish designer Øivind Slaatto that incorporates natural formulas and the Fibonacci sequence, became available in a new shape. Louis Poulsen launched the lovely organic lamp in oval. The new shape means that Patera can also hang in rooms with lower ceilings without Øivind Slaatto compromising on his lovely organic and iconic design.

Se Patera I Oval variant her!
Flindt Bollard under the open sky

2021 was also a year of expansion in the Louis Poulsen outdoor range. The award-winning designer Christian Flindt, who has been working with Louis Poulsen since 2006, won the ELFORSK Prize for the original Flindt Bollard in 2014, and in 2021, the lamp became available in a garden version.

The lovely lamp, which is available with a Corten and an aluminium finish, looks stunning in practically all outdoor spaces—and that’s regardless of whether you want it to light up the garden behind a suburban privet hedge, out in the countryside, or outside a townhouse. The lamp is available with three types of mount, which makes the Flindt Garden Bollard an incredibly flexible outdoor lamp.

Find the smart Flindt Garden Bollard range here!


NEWS 2020
2020 was the year where COVID-19 really became a part of our daily lives—but despite the pandemic, Louis Poulsen managed to launch a range of exciting new products, including a completely new collection.

Louis Poulsen | BIG Ideas – Keglen

The biggest new product of 2020 was undoubtedly Keglen, created by BIG Ideas in collaboration with Louis Poulsen. BIG Ideas was founded by the architect Bjarke Ingels in 2005, and with the architect Jakob Lange in charge of tech-driven speciality products, the brand aims to create lamps and digital products that fit seamlessly into our way of life.

In that regard, Keglen is a success story. The lamp was born with unique and organically shaped glass that sits like a drop of water held in place by the surface tension of the conical lampshade. The light spreads elegantly from the natural shape of the glass—and a single cone of light emerges through an elegant little hole at the top of the lampshade.

Keglen became an instant classic. It’s already available in various shapes and sizes, all in black and white.

Find Keglen on our website here
Celebrating 60 years of the PH 5 pendant with lively new colours

If you compare Danish light design to rock n’ roll, Poul Henningsen is Elvis—and that makes PH 5 Elvis Presley’s bestselling Christmas album. So, of course, it made sense for Louis Poulsen to really mark the occasion when PH 5 turned 60 in 2020.

The lighting brand introduced PH 5 in a range of new shades as seen at the launch of PH 5 Mini in 2017. The pendant has the same lovely shape as always, and it continues to be a sculptural manifestation of the balance of art and technology. The lamp is the bestselling product in the entire Louis Poulsen range—and the iconic shape is easy to recognise.

Find the lovely timeless PH 5 here!
Relaunching PH Septima

The new colour palette wasn’t the only good news for Poul Henningsen’s fans in the autumn of 2020—the season also saw a relaunch of PH Septima. The lamp takes its name from its unique seven-shade design that alternates between clear and matte borosilicate glass sheets, and its light is particularly comfortable.

PH Septima’s original designs were the basis for PH Artichoke, but Septima remains a truly unique lamp, and it is considered one of Poul Henningsen’s most refined pendants.

Find PH Septima on our website here!
Return of the AJ Mini Table Lamp and the AJ Royal Pendant

When SAS Royal Hotel was opened in 1960, it was Copenhagen’s first real skyscraper, and when guests visited the Panorama Lounge on the 21st floor, they would be met not only with an incredible view of the Danish capital but also with the iconic AJ Pendant. 2020 marks 60 years since the hotel was opened, and Louis Poulsen celebrates the occasion with a relaunch of the AJ Pendant—now AJ Royal—and the AJ Table Lamp in Mini. AJ Royal comes in various colours, and Mini is available in both the classic shades and the three new special edition colours.

Find the AJ Mini Table Lamp here, and find the AJ Royal Pendant here!


NEWS 2019
2019 saw the arrival of various new products from Louis Poulsen, including relaunches, special editions, new models, and completely new lamps.

OE Quasi Light

In 2019, Louis Poulsen welcomed the OE Quasi Light to its collection. The lamp was revealed at Milano Design Week, where the Louis Poulsen brand and the Danish-Icelandic artist and designer Olafur Eliasson proudly presented the unique geometrical lamp.

The lamp consists of two layers—an aluminium frame and a polycarbonate insert. The light is directed into the core by a range of LED lights, and the light is then reflected out into the room. The shape is open to interpretation, and simply looking at the lamp reveals infinite perspectives. OE Quasi Light is truly unique, and everyone should have the chance to experience it.

Find the incredible OE Quasi Light here!
New dimensions for Toldbod

If you’ve ever walked through one of the many residential areas dotted around Greater Copenhagen late at night, chances are you’ve come across Poul Henningsen’s outdoor lamp Ellipse, which has been lighting up paths and communal areas since 1966.

Ellipse was the original inspiration for Toldbod at Louis Poulsen. The lamp has a distinct pattern thanks to the elliptical lampshade that ensures a uniform light distribution.

The lamp was released in four new sizes in 2019: Ø170, Ø250, Ø400, and Ø550. The small versions were launched in the famous muted colours we know and love—and the big ones came out in black and white.

Find the Toldbod range on our website here!
Brass, brass, and more brass

2019 was a year of brass for Louis Poulsen. Various models were coated in the alloy of copper and zinc, and the classic PH 5, PH 5 Mini, and Yuh are all available in brass.

Find Yuh in brass here, and find the PH collection here!


NEWS 2018
For autumn 2018, Louis Poulsen is launching a range of new products and two Limited Edition lamps. Some of the iconic lamps have been given new visual expressions with exciting new colours and materials. There’s even a completely new lamp on offer.

The PH 5 pendant & PH 5 Mini pendant launched in copper

Poul Henningsen’s world-famous unique lamp design is being celebrated by the launch of bothPH 5 and PH 5 Mini in Copper. The occasion is the 60th anniversary of the PH 5 design. Even sixty years after the creation of this visionary lamp, it remains one of the most popular. The combination of intelligent function and unique shape has made the PH pendant a design icon throughout the past six decades – and that’s cause for celebration.

Experience the amazing representative of Poul Henningsen’s revolutionary work for the lighting industry all dolled up to suit the demands of this century. The well-known and admired five-shade system that eliminates glare remains, but the middle lampshade has been given a new copper finish. The other lampshades are white. The glowing copper offers a beautiful reflection of its surroundings and adds elegance to any room as soon as it moves in.

This new copper finish updates Louis Poulsen’s classic design and brings it into the future. The pendant is ideal for use in modern styles of interior design, as it stands as a clear reference to one of the biggest design periods in Danish history. The clean expression that puts functionality in focus ensures the lamp’s status as a classic – back then and to this day – and this new version of the pendant is ready to steal the hearts of people around the globe.

With PH5, Poul Henningsen further developed on the three-shade system from his previous design for one simple reason: new bulbs came into the world. Unlike the bulbs he had been used to, these were matte. Whereas the three-shade system intended to reflect the light downwards, these new bulbs meant that you had to create upwards illumination as well. As with all his other lamps, PH 5 eliminates blinding in any form. With that in mind, Poul Henningsen created the lamp of the year with five lampshades. PH 5 reflects light downwards and out into the room – the perfect combination for illuminating your kitchen or coffee table.

In 2017, Louis Poulsen created a version of PH 5 that was 30 cm, compared to the original pendant of 50 cm. These two versions are getting a new copper finish this autumn to mark the 60th anniversary of Poul Henningsen’s iconic design. Choose between the original 50 cm lamp and the smaller 30 cm pendant in a range of colours. This re-launch adds the first warm metal shade to the collection.

The sophisticated Enigma pendant gets a makeover

The modern sophisticated Enigma pendant is being launched in a new colour this autumn. The lamp was originally created in white, but is now being presented in a black edition. The colour complements the minimalist expression of the lamp.

The shape is inspired by Poul Henningsen’s classic multiple shade system. The pendant is a new modern interpretation of this system. The floating shades are a subtle nod to Poul Henningsen’s revolutionary use of the multiple shade system. Enigma guides the “good light” into the future with respect for the Louis Poulsen design tradition and heritage.

Just like the iconic PH lamps, Enigma creates a soft light without glare. The downward-facing light creates a comfortable atmosphere no matter where you mount the pendant. The lamp is perfectly suited for suspension over dining tables, hallways and other living spaces as it creates a diffuse light and illuminates its surroundings. The pendant is already available in white in three different sizes and is now being launched in black. Regardless of where you mount Enigma, there is a version in a size perfectly suited for your room and lighting needs.

The design is influenced by the sophisticated combination of the Japanese designer Shoichi Uchiyamas graceful use of shapes and Scandinavian minimalism. The black colour contributes further to this eye-catching combination. The circular and filtered lampshades illuminate the room beautifully when the pendant is on, while the lampshades create an incredibly silhouette even when the lamp isn’t on.

Shoichi Uchiyamas is the Japanese designer behind the Enigma collection. He was educated at the Tokyo YMCA institute in 1972 and has been specialising in product design ever since. He’s received numerous international design awards for his work with Louis Poulsen, including the IF Award and ARC.

The lamp has already found homes across the globe and the launching of Enigma in black gives the collection an upgrade that increases the appeal of the minimalist lamp.

PH Artichoke introduced in brushed brass and with engravings

The sculptural Artichoke - better known as Artichoke - is being launched in a beautiful anniversary edition with brushed brass and an engraved PH signature.

True to its iconic legacy, this pendant renews itself naturally as time passes. The classic beloved design remains the same – as does its quality. Instead of changing the design, the lamp has been given new clothes made of brass. The occasion is the 60th anniversary of Poul Henningsen’s iconic lamp.

For sixty years, Artichoke has been a statement piece in Danish and international homes, offices, and public spaces. In 1958, Poul Henningsen created the pendant for the restaurant Langelinie Pavillon in Copenhagen where you can still see the original lamps to this day. Ever since the lamp was launched, it has been considered one of the most iconic and sought-after lamps in the world.

Poul Henningsen lived from 1894-1967. He was born in Copenhagen, where he studied at the Technical College. He never finished his education as an architecture, but started working with traditional functionalist architecture. Through the years his focus shifted from architecture to lighting, which is where it remained for the rest of his days. In 1925, he started a life-long partnership with Louis Poulsen, during which he developed the revolutionary three-shade system. Poul Henningsen spent his life trying to optimise artificial light using reflection and shading to eliminate the risk of blinding. He developed and created “the good light” which serves as inspiration for Louis Poulsen’s new designers. Nowadays, PH is one of the most famous and admired Danish designers.

The anniversary edition is engraved PH’s signature, Artichoke 1958-2018, Anniversary Edition and has a unique serial number. The engraved brass version will only be available for the year of the 60th anniversary, namely 2018, but will be adopted in the regular collection with engravings from 2019.

Sensory indoor and outdoor lighting with the new Flindt wall lamp

In partnership with Christian Flindt, Louis Poulsen has created a new indoor and outdoor mounted lamp. It will be launched in autumn 2018 alongside other exciting products.

The slim elliptical lamp creates sensory lighting thanks to its ability to reflect light to create and organic glowing circle around the lamp. The light pours out from the top of the lamp and casts the light down in front of the lamp. At the same time, it lets a sliver of light slip out through to top to create a crescent moon shape on the wall above the lamp.

The fixture itself is circular with concave and convex shapes – a universal shape that imbues the lamp with classic and timeless appeal. It is at once a simple and a complex mounted lamp. It is bidirectional and the combination of light reflection and the classic circular design achieve the perfect balance between complexity and the simple aesthetic.

The lamp is created for indoor and outdoor use. It breaks all norms when it comes to lighting and brings the product into the era of modern product design that is versatile and serves numerous uses. The Flindt lamp makes it easy to follow the Scandinavian tradition of integrating nature into interior design. The lamp can be mounted inside as well as outside, which can help you to create a smooth transition between the interior and exterior rooms of your house.  

With the Flindt collection, Chistian Flindt has expanded his collection for good. He started working with Louis Poulsen in 2006 and has created the Flindt 220 standing lamp, the Flindt 220 pedant, the Flindt bollard, and the Grand pendant. He was educated at Århus School of Architecture in 2003 and has owned his own design firm since his graduation. His fresh and bold designs show that he’s comfortable trying out the road less travelled. Aside from lighting solutions, Christian Flindt creates furniture and in this product category, he’s won awards including the design award for Bo Bedre. He’s won Bolig Magasinets Design Award for his collaboration with Louis Poulsen.