Louis Poulsen celebrates 150th anniversary with unique special collection!

8 March 2024
Louis Poulsen celebrates 150th anniversary with unique special collection!
We are thrilled to announce the latest exclusive additions to Louis Poulsen's impressive collection of unique design icons. On the occasion of the design house's 150th anniversary, they have launched four new special editions of world-renowned classics from their assortment.

The anniversary collection includes the PH Artichoke pendant in sizes Ø480 and Ø600 and the PH 5 pendant by Poul Henningsen and the AJ Mini Table Lamp by Arne Jacobsen.

All anniversary versions come in a stunning Matt White/Pale Rose color combination that is beautifully complemented by the unique polished brass details, which over time will develop a beautiful patina that gives the lamps a unique character. Furthermore, the warm metallic tones add a lovely vintage touch to your home decor that also adds to the aesthetic value of the lights in your interior design.

Matt White adds a touch of freshness and light to the room, while Pale Rose softly embraces it with its delicate and soothing hue. The harmony between the shades creates a meaningful dimension to the room, as well as a subtle elegance and a warm feeling that invites relaxation and well-being. Matt White and Pale Rose are more than just colors, they are an expression of style and character that gives your home a timeless and sophisticated look.

If you want one of the exclusive anniversary lamps, don't wait too long - they're only available in 2024 and come in a limited parcel. The PH Artichoke is only available in 300 units in both sizes with an individual number engraved on the 5th leaf along with the unique anniversary logo.

Adorn your home with a unique Danish design icon with a good story in exquisite craftsmanship!

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