Kartell introduces TEA Table Lamps - A sustainable masterpiece by Ferruccio Laviani

20 March 2024
Kartell introduces TEA Table Lamps - A sustainable masterpiece by Ferruccio Laviani
The pioneering Italian design house Kartell, known for its innovative and aesthetically pleasing products, has now launched a range of aesthetic and eco-friendly TEA table lamps, a sublime work by renowned designer Ferruccio Laviani, who has enjoyed a long and successful collaboration.

For 20 years Kartell has been my second home. What more is there to say?
                -       Ferruccio Laviani

The TEA table lamps exude a sublime simplicity where the shape almost takes on an abstract character, reminiscent of two hands embracing a light source, creating a chiaroscuro effect with the beautiful shadows it emits.

The most notable feature of the TEA table lamp is the innovative choice of an irregular, porous finish that gives it a natural feel. The lamp is available in a range of aesthetic base colors, including White, Anthracite, Terracotta and Grey-Brown, clearly demonstrating that extraordinary objects of high quality and great poetry can easily be created from recycled materials.

One of the most groundbreaking aspects of the TEA table lamp is the use of a new, environmentally friendly recycled material; thermoplastic technopolymer. This material is made from clean scrap materials from a range of sectors, such as furniture, cars, electrical appliances and packaging, that have not been contaminated by other materials. The material maintains the highest aesthetic quality and structural requirements, thus offering unlimited possibilities to recycle unused waste materials and give them new life. You are therefore also making an environmentally conscious choice when you buy a TEA table lamp, which manages to combine functionality, aesthetics and quality, giving you both a practical light source as well as a decorative interior design element.

The TEA table lamp represents not only a fusion of aesthetics and functionality, but also a groundbreaking step towards sustainable design. With its unique design and sustainable materials, the TEA table lamp shows the way for the future of design, where beauty and care for the environment go hand in hand.

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