FLOS STORIES: Almendra - Nature's new luminous magic

24 February 2024
FLOS STORIES: Almendra - Nature's new luminous magic
In an enchanting symphony of design and nature, Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola creates a masterpiece of light - Almendra. This modular lighting system celebrates the shapes and colors of the almond tree in a way that evokes poetry in the air. An ambitious project that embraces not only aesthetics but also sustainability, all supported by exceptional design and technology.

Patricia Urquiola's vision for the future
"Almendra is both the seed and the light, and it lives inside the shell, like a little hut, a space that contains the seed and protects it. I wanted to explore the energy of almonds. The lamp is still a mechanical object, but in the near future I imagine a lamp that opens and closes, that has its own mobility.".

Poetry, light and sustainability in a beautiful synthesis
Almendra is available in 3 different models: Almendra Arch, Almendra Organic, reminiscent of tree branches, and Almendra Linear, composed of modular leaves where 3, 4 or 6 modules can be grouped together in a criss-cross pattern.

On the road to sustainability
Almendra complies with the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) protocol and is designed with sustainability in mind. Its leaves and diffusers are made from a special polycarbonate derived from a by-product of paper production, and no glue is used to assemble the product. Almendra can be completely disassembled, meaning each part can be recycled.

Natural color palette
Patricia Urquiola has chosen a very natural color palette inspired by the colors of the almond tree. Beautiful matte finishes such as Off-White, Nude, Ocher, Anthracite are complemented by two metallic colors, Bay Blue Metallized and Lilac Metallized.

Modular and adjustable lighting
All Almendra models allow changing the light direction during installation. Each leaf can be rotated in 60º increments to achieve a different configuration and lighting mood. The leaves can be arranged in the specified positions (A-B-C-D-E-F) as long as the symmetry of the fixture is respected, so the lamp remains balanced when assembled.

Add a touch of natural magic to your home with Almendra - View the full range here

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