Lámina pendant light by Santa & Cole - exclusive, modern design by Antoni Arola

9 March 2024
Lámina pendant light by Santa & Cole - exclusive, modern design by Antoni Arola
In a world of light and aesthetics, where every detail can transform a room into a paradise of atmosphere, Santa & Cole proudly introduces their latest masterpiece: the Lámina pendant lights, created by legendary designer Antoni Arola. Lámina is not just a lighting design; it is a manifestation of elegance, functionality and modern beauty that elevates any interior to new heights.

With a sublime blend of elegance and ability, Antoni Arola has managed to create three unique pendants, each of which carries a touch of his genius. From the moment you meet them, they arouse excitement and fascination, with each pendant's shape and structure carefully thought out to satisfy even the most meticulous aesthete.

One pendant's smooth lines and refined surface capture the light and diffuse it with a subtle grace that almost dances in the room. The second pendant's bolder and more expressive design challenges convention and adds an edge of confidence to any space. While the third's organic shapes and soft curves create an atmosphere of calm and harmony, inviting moments of reflection and peace.

The Lámina pendants are not only a visual delight; they are also highly functional. Their versatility allows you to choose the right one for your interior design, whether it's above the dining table, in the office or in the living room. Their light doesn't just play a practical role, but becomes part of the narrative of the room, a storyteller in a scene of mood and style.

With Lámina pendants, you don't just get a lamp; you get a decorative design element that transforms any room into an eye-catching masterpiece of design and beauty. Welcome to a world of light where Lámina pendants reign supreme as kings and queens of elegance and functionality.

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