KDLN offers functional lighting and stylish aesthetics with the new 'Motus' pendant series

18 March 2024
KDLN offers functional lighting and stylish aesthetics with the new 'Motus' pendant series
Style characterizes every part of the beautiful new series of pendant lights from Italian designer brand KDLN. The lighting collection is the brainchild of international design studio Shulab, which is responsible for a wide range of acclaimed designs for high-profile designer brands. See more of their beautiful creations here.

Tellingly, this particular pendant series is named after the Latin word for movement: Motus. This is due to the flexible design of the lamps, which allows for height adjustment while successfully integrating this practical function into the visual aesthetics of the lamp. There is a button on the frame that can be used for this purpose. Hold the button and push the lamp up or pull the loop under the shade, depending on whether you want to adjust the shade up or down. When the lamp is at the desired height, release the button again. The frame itself is made of metal, which is color coated and available in white, black and red. The frame descends vertically, creating the illusion of cutting through the screen itself. The slender vertical line also forms an interesting contrast to the voluminous shade, creating a form-oriented whole that makes the lamp a work of art in itself.

The shade itself is made from mouth-blown opal glass, giving it a stylish aesthetic. When switched on, the entire shade lights up in a beautiful atmospheric glow. The light source behind it is a built-in LED module that emits a relatively bright light with a pleasant warm white color temperature. The white shades of the shade ensure that light can escape efficiently and effortlessly, while the matte, opaque surface evens out the light so it can shine out perfectly evenly to all sides in a beautiful all-round light. With a phase-cut dimmer, you will also be able to adjust the intensity of the light, opening up even more possibilities with Motus.

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