Three beautiful Jamilla rattan pendants from Bloomingville

29 February 2024
Three beautiful Jamilla rattan pendants from Bloomingville
The new Jamilla pendant series has all the characteristics of true quality design. The series consists of three pendants, each with its own individual design, but all with the same beautiful natural design. The shade is made of rattan, which is mostly known from garden furniture, baskets, chairs, etc. Here, the designer brand Bloomingville has, as always, been creative in their approach to interior design and transferred the beautiful material to the lamp medium. You can therefore combine the Jamilla pendant light with other furniture or decorative elements in rattan to create a beautiful organic design concept in your interior design.

Organic is the key word when it comes to creating a cozy and comfortable living room atmosphere that makes you feel at home. The natural material and woven structure of the rattan shades contribute to a relaxed atmosphere, while the warm brown surface makes the lamp easy to fit in across different interior design and style concepts. However, the lamp is particularly ideal for bohemian-inspired interiors with a preference for natural materials.

The pendant comes in three different sizes. Each variant has an individual shape, but all lampshades are characterized by soft curves and voluminous shapes. The shade is open at the bottom, so the light can penetrate into a direct downlight. At the same time, light can also escape through the braided structure, providing indirect lighting on all sides. This combination of direct and indirect light makes Jamilla suitable above tables and as a backlight in the room. Thanks to its soft and pleasant light quality, Jamilla can be used in the living room corner, conservatory and bedroom.

You can find the entire Jamilla series here