Søren Ravn Christensen's stunning design Asteria is now available as a wall light

12 February 2024
Søren Ravn Christensen's stunning design Asteria is now available as a wall light
The popular and now ubiquitous Asteria lighting collection from Danish designer brand Umage strikes the perfect balance between function and grace. Asteria is the brainchild of Danish designer and founder of Umage, Søren Ravn Christensen, who has created the lamp at the intersection of design, technology and craftsmanship. If you are curious about Søren Ravn Christensen's original designs, you can find more of his beautiful creations here.

With its specially designed LED panel and minimalist exterior, Asteria has a timeless appeal, that will never go out of fashion. The series is characterized by a purist simplicity. The disc-shaped lamp head is undisturbed by details and at the same time wide in its design, which helps to ensure a broad illumination and at the same time gives the lamp an eye-catching expression that says a lot with few words.
You can find the entire Asteria series here.

A functional addition to the familiar design

Now, however, Asteria is introduced as a wall light that still has all the qualities that characterize the original lamp. The wall light has the same detail-reduced look and the same clean shape, and the beautiful brass finish that characterizes the frame of the other Asteria lamps is repeated in the wall light. The light source is a built-in LED module that provides efficient and far-reaching lighting despite its low power consumption. The light has a beautiful warm white color tone (2700K) and a high CRI value (>90), which ensures that the colors in the room are reproduced very accurately. The light shines downwards in a direct downlight. However, the direction of light can be adjusted as the frame can be rotated from side to side. A discreet button on the shade allows you to adjust the intensity of the light, so with the Asteria Wall Light you always have the right lighting for individual needs and purposes.

The wall light comes in two different sizes, each available in a variety of beautiful colors. See Asteria Wall Light in all its beautiful variants right here.