Louis Poulsen expands popular lamp collection with two new lamps - Find Keglen in new models right here

11 July 2022
 Louis Poulsen expands popular lamp collection with two new lamps - Find Keglen in new models right here
Summer is right around the corner, and at Lampemesteren, we just can’t wait for summer evenings and barbecues, ice cream on the beach, and dips in the big blue. But most of all, we’re excited for lots of lovely new products from the Danish lighting brand Louis Poulsen. Amongst other things, the brand has decided to add TWO new lamp designs to the famous, iconic Keglen collection.

In collaboration with the renowned design studio BIG Ideas, Louis Poulsen designed Keglen in 2017, spearheaded by the architect Jakob Lange. The innovative design team has created a series of award-winning buildings around the world, becoming a highly coveted collaborator on a global scale in the process. The architects at BIG strive to give others the right tools to improve their office environments, which is exactly what Keglen does.

The familiar design first saw the light of day when BIG Ideas and Louis Poulsen decided to develop a pendant for the Tirpitz Museum in Blåvand, which is a building BIG designed for the Varde Museums. The museum was opened in 2017 with a pendant featuring a raw, galvanised surface that reflects the delicate yet solid architecture of the museum, which blends seamlessly into the west Jutlandic sandhills. The aim was to create a simple and unique lamp focused on geometrics and essence, which resulted in a lamp with simplicity, elegance, and functionality that transfers seamlessly to all styles of décor.

The collaboration between the two influential designer brands is still going strong in 2022, and this time around, it has resulted in two new lamps for the collection. The collection is no longer limited to remarkable pendants but also includes table and floor lamps. The new Louis Poulsen lamps have the same expression as the original design with a streamlined, minimalist, and elegant look thanks to the iconic lampshade. Just like the existing lamps, the latest addition to the family features an arched lampshade that ensures a comfortable, soft, and glare-free glow while giving the lamp a graphic and minimalist aesthetic that will never go out of style. Just like the other lamps in the collection, the new table and floor lamps come in stunning black or white colours with a matte, wet-coated surface that reflects the light and its surroundings beautifully all day, no matter if the lamp is on or not.

Keglen is firmly rooted in Scandinavian design tradition with its simplified design in black and white hues, not to mention its impeccable functionality, where each detail has a purpose, making the collaboration with Louis Poulsen an obvious choice. Keglen fits in no matter where you place it, and as the table lamp can be mounted on a base and on a pin, it’s perfect for offices and studios. No matter which model or placement you choose, you’re in for an iconic design that inspires happiness and admiration from you, your family, and your guests.

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