HAY launches a new, sculptural design - Find the new Parade table lamps here

18 August 2022
HAY launches a new, sculptural design - Find the new Parade table lamps here
Looking for a unique, aesthetic, and sculptural lamp design that is as decorative as it is practical? Then we have great news! We can finally lift the veil on another exciting new product from one of the most popular Danish brands out there: HAY.

Since it was founded in 2002, HAY has curated an impressive portfolio of remarkable products that fit seamlessly into private and public spaces alike, all while living up to various requirements. The married couple Mette and Rolf Hay started the business because they wanted to create unique high-quality products characterised by excellent artisanry at an affordable price point, so they are accessible to all. This founding principle continues to motivate the business and its collaborators, and it is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for the brand’s global success.

From one power couple to another, we are taking a look at the design duo behind one of HAY’s latest designs, the Parade table lamp. Viola Heyn-Johnsen & Jonas Trampedach are another married couple who have put their heads together for their first shared project, and the result is a new, exciting, and elegant design unlike any other. With a passion for materials, objects, and artisanry, the designers have collaborated closely with HAY to create a unique design that serves as a functional light source and doubles as a decorative, sculptural artwork.

Parade is inspired by the desire to create a lamp that unites ambient light with a sculptural design that contributes a remarkable touch to any interior design. Parade comes in various sizes and colours, so you can choose the perfect model for your desk, windowsill, or bookshelf. The unique geometric table lamps have a one-of-a-kind design that looks stunning on its own, but all the lamps are designed to complement one another, so you can also mount a selection of them together. This allows you to create a cohesive, united parade of colours and sizes for a personal, unique expression guaranteed to command the attention of your guests whether the lamp is on or not.

Find the complete Parade collection here