Tom Rossau launches another remarkable design - Find the new No. 111 Pendant Birch here

22 August 2022
Tom Rossau launches another remarkable design - Find the new No. 111 Pendant Birch here
Summer is coming to an end, but fortunately, exciting new products are still coming out! The Danish lighting brand Tom Rossau has introduced a new addition to its impressive portfolio. The new lamp is known as No. 111 Pendant Birch and is another playful and futuristic design from Tom Rossau’s recognisable universe characterised by playfulness and birch slats.

When the self-taught designer Tom Rossau founded his business 15 years ago, he was fascinated by the process of playing with shapes and expressions. Since then, various designs and materials have been added, but the studio continues to revolve around slats and playfulness.

The No. 111 Pendant was created with a desire to combine flexibility and quality and inspired by Tom Rossau’s unique family of designs. Like its siblings, this lamp is made with beautiful wooden slats. The pendant is made of birch, so the pendant adds an organic touch to your décor, which in turn contributes a special sense of warmth and cosiness. The wonderful wooden slats also allow the lamp to illuminate the room in a soft, atmospheric glow, creating a cosy, relaxed, and inviting atmosphere.

Whether the lamp is on or not, it is a unique, stylish, and decorative addition to your décor that breathes irresistible charm and warmth into the room. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to finding a spot for the sculptural design, but it looks particularly stunning beside the couch, above the dining table, or in a cosy reading nook, where it contributes a soft and comfortable light.

Despite the exquisite design and captivating, elegant curves, the No. 111 Pendant can be mounted in just a few minutes, making it an easy-to-use lamp guaranteed to make a huge difference in your décor!

Find the exquisite No. 111 Pendant Birch here!