Original Bauhaus design from Fritz Hansen in two new versions - Find the new KAISER idell lamps here

19 September 2022
Original Bauhaus design from Fritz Hansen in two new versions - Find the new KAISER idell lamps here
When you have more than 150 years of experience to your name, you must be doing something right—and the Danish brand Fritz Hansen has been doing just that for the past 15 decades. Over the years, the brand has joined forced with ground-breaking, iconic designers and architects like Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner, and Poul Kjærholm, shaping Danish design tradition along the way. These collaborations have led to a magical range of functional, durable, aesthetic, not to mention classic designs that have lasted generations and transcended borders. This year, the unique collaboration is between the designer Christian Dell and Fritz Hansen, which has added not just one but TWO additions to the impressive KAISER idell™ collection.

The year 1936 marked the beginning of the KAISER idell™ collection. The first table lamp hit the market and quickly became a symbol of honourable German Bauhaus design. Since the 30s, the collection has grown and now includes floor lamps, pendants, table lamps, and wall lamps in various beautiful colours and materials. The common denominator for all the lamps is the sharp precision technique of the craftsmanship, the high quality, and the iconic design that is one of the reasons for the collection’s indisputable draw. The entire collection is centred on the patented rotating joint and the distinct lampshade, which is marked with a stamp at the top that reads ’ORIGINAL KAISER idell’.

The latest additions to the KAISER idell™ collection are an exquisitefloor lamp and a pendant, both of which feature an aesthetic combination of lovely brass details and a matte black frame and lampshade that give the lamps a modern and exclusive look while the warm brass radiates warmth and contributes a cosy touch. Just like the other KAISER idell lamps, this floor lamp is equipped with the distinct rotating joint that makes the head of the lamp flexible, allowing you to tilt and twist the light as you see fit. You can add these classic lamps to your home, where they are guaranteed to complement your existing décor, not to mention command attention and admiration.

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