Ingo Maurer with modern LED technology and new lamps

5 September 2022
Ingo Maurer with modern LED technology and new lamps
If you’re familiar with Ingo Maurer’s universe, we don’t need to say anything else. If you’re not, consider this an introduction to the southern German designer and Bavarian brand’s exciting universe. People like to say that Germans have no sense of humour, but we think they’re wrong—especially when it comes to Ingo Maurer. The poet of light, as he was known, left us in 2019, but the brand makes sure that we still have access to his exquisite, humorous designs.

I Ricchi Poveri

I Ricchi Poveri means ‘the rich poor’, and in true Ingo Maurer style, this collection of quirky lamps uses their bulbs as an active part of the artwork. The original I Ricchi Poveri used halogen bulbs, so the brand had to invent a new bulb that imitated the halogen glow that Maurer had in mind when he designed the lamps. The result is the Ambient bulb, which is an LED bulb with built-in dim-to-warm functionality.
Three versions of I Ricchi Poveri are now being relaunched, and all of them are guaranteed to add a sensible but cheeky touch to your décor, alongside a healthy dose of attitude and anti-obviousness.
The first is known as Bzzzz, and this table lamp features a bulb on a stem and an aluminium dragon fly. The second is Monument for a Bulb, and this is a monument for an electrical bulb, complete with itty bitty people looking at the light source. The last addition is Toto, which is a bulb on a stem with round ears. When Disney asked Ingo Maurer to design an artwork for the Walt Disney Company back in 2016, Maurer’s favourite character, Mickey Mouse, obviously had to be front and centre. So, when he designed this collection, he knew from the get-go that he wanted a mousy twist.


Now for Ingo Maurer’s possibly most famous collection—Lucellino, the smart lamp collection where the bulbs have wings. Lucellino is made of a combination of glass, brass, and plastic, and the wings are made by hand using genuine goose feather. The collection includes various types of lamps, and we are confident that you’ll find a Lucellino that’s perfect for your home!


If you want a less quirky lamp that doesn’t compromise on elegance, we recommend the smart Max collection, which is being relaunched as well. Max is reminiscent of an architect lamp, thanks to its lampshade that directs the light and its body, which can be adjusted for the ideal glow. Max comes as a table lamp, a big floor lamp, and a smart pendant, which can also be adjusted to shine right where you need it.

One From The Heart

The final design that’s being brought back is the heart-warming One From The Heart. A small table lamp with a big heart that walks towards you on its small feet. The big heart shines its light upwards, where it frames a heart-shaped glass mirror that casts its light out into the room. The cute lamp is made using a combination of metal, plastic, and glass.

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