AYTM adds new lamps to the Grasil collection - Find the sculptural masterpieces here

18 July 2022
AYTM adds new lamps to the Grasil collection - Find the sculptural masterpieces here
Quirky, functional, and phenomenal! Those are some of the words that best describe the new Grasil lamp collection. The Danish designer brand AYTM has managed to reinvent one of its remarkable designs, turning a candlestick into a lamp.

AYTM was founded in 2004 by the married couple Kathrine and Per Gran Hartvigsen, who wanted to add something new to Danish design. They have joined forces with a talented team of designers with individual design backgrounds, which brings functionality, shape, and aesthetics together in the most incredible way. The brand is firmly rooted in Scandinavian design and aims to develop and challenge existing design traditions to set décor in a new, unique perspective. And with the Grasil collection, the brand has well and truly succeeded.

The collection was already home to remarkable candlesticks, and it’s our pleasure to announce that AYTM has decided to expand the Grasil range with a collection of lamps. The unique, exquisite design is now available as a pendant, wall, table, and floor lamp, so you can always find the perfect model for your specific needs. You can also combine the different lamps and candlesticks to create a unique, personal, and thorough expression in your décor.

The lamps have a graphic and sculptural look made up of a solid marble base and exquisite curved metal pipes, which give the lamp an exclusive and unique expression, not to mention an indisputable touch of elegance that commands attention. The soft, round, geometric elements come together in an asymmetrical shape that contributes to the sculptural expression, where the solid marble and the light expression of the metal pipes are in perfect harmony with each other. The lamps are equipped with LED technology, ensuring a soft, comfortable, glare-free glow that contributes a cosy, relaxing atmosphere to any room.

You can place these lamps anywhere you want around the home with the dresser, dining table, or couches being some of the most obvious spots. No matter where you place whichever model you choose, you are guaranteed a practical light source and an aesthetic addition to your interior design that looks like a genuine work of art, no matter if it’s on or not.

Find the lamps and chandeliers in the Grasil collection here