DybergLarsen introduces the unique BOOM collection!

8 August 2022
DybergLarsen introduces the unique BOOM collection!
Nature has become a big part of Scandinavian décor. We fill our homes with flowers, twigs, and plants, not to mention earthy and natural colours to bring a touch of Danish cosiness into the home we know and love. DybergLarsen always has its finger on the pulse and focuses on the current, relevant, and interesting trends dominating interior design on a national scale. With this track record, it’s not so surprising that the Danish lighting brand has gone down an organic, dynamic, and natural path when it comes to its latest lamp collection.

DybergLarsen was founded by Thomas Dyberg-Larsen back in 2016, and the brand is already part of the global retail scene with a collection of unique designs firmly rooted in Scandinavian design tradition, which look stunning in Danish and international interiors alike. DybergLarsen is famous for creating lamps at affordable prices that never compromise on the quality of their design.

The brand’s vision has once again been achieved with this unique BOOM collection, which is a unique and particularly remarkable collection of lamps that radiates warmth, cosiness, and wellbeing. This is partially thank to the use of natural bamboo in the hand-braided lampshade, which is the most distinct feature of the design. BOOM comes as a floor lamp and as a pendant in a long and short version, so you get the perfect model for your needs and style of décor. Aside from being decorative, the unique lampshade provides a lovely, comfortable glow and casts soft shadows onto its surroundings, contributing to the relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

Place the various models around your home, whether next to the couches, in the bedroom, or above the dining table. Those are just some of the obvious spots for this unique collection. You can use the lamps on their own or combine multiple models for a unique, personal, and thorough design expression. Regardless of which model you pick and where you place it, you are guaranteed a practical and aesthetic addition to your décor bound to command attention and admiration.

Find the complete Boom collection from DybergLarsen here