The iconic VL Studio design from Louis Poulsen returns!

11 August 2022
The iconic VL Studio design from Louis Poulsen returns!
It is always exciting when Louis Poulsen introduces new launches because it means that a new and exciting design icon is on its way. This time around, the Danish designer brand has opened up the archives and dug up an iconic studio lamp—VL Studio!

This design was created back in the 1940s by architect and designer Vilhelm Lauritzen for the Danish broadcast corporation’s old headquarters in Copenhagen. The design was named ‘Studio’ because the lamps were placed outside the studios to signal whether a recording was in progress using a green or a red light. Lauritzen was the architect behind the entire functionalist building, which went on to become a ’gesamtkunstwerk’, which meant that he designed all the building’s interiors and details. In collaboration with Louis Poulsen, he also developed a wide range of lamps, including the VL Studio lamps. All these lamps eventually went out of production, but many of them have been relaunched. VL Studio is the latest to join the ever-growing list of revivals.

The VL Studio design is available as a table, floor, and wall lamp in various sizes, so we’re confident you’ll be able to find the right model for your needs and style. All the VL Studio lamps are characterised by their unique composition of three-layer opal glass, which serves as a beautiful contrast to the polished brass with a soft, warm look or the matte black finish that gives the lamp a modern, graphic expression. The contrast between materials makes the design highly aesthetic and exciting to look at, so it works as a practical light source and a decorative addition to your décor. The lampshade on the wall lamp spins 90 degrees to the left or the right, allowing you to tailor the diffuse, comfortable, glare-free glow to your needs.

Adorn your home with a piece of Danish design history with a VL Studio lamp that never goes out of style!

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