Genuine German quality in a portable edition - Find the unique Hoop table lamps from Blomus here

19 May 2022
Genuine German quality in a portable edition - Find the unique Hoop table lamps from Blomus here
Say hello to even more first-rate German designs! This time around, Blomus has teamed up with the French  designer Antoine Rouzeau to create the perfect companion for indoor and outdoor use.

Blomus has been a family-run business for more than 100 years, and the brand continues to deliver outstanding quality and exquisite artisanry. Rooted in a belief in the honesty of materials, the purity of shape, and a passionate approach, the brand has become a global success. Its foundations can be described as the perfect recipe for durable interior design guaranteed to be admired for generations to come. Based in the German region North Rhine-Westphalia, the brand has always aimed to ‘look beyond the mere aesthetics of a product and view its practical properties as equally important’—and in 2022, we have to say, the brand has succeeded.

Blomus has created a quirky and functional collection of table lamps that are just as aesthetic as they are practical. The Hoop collection comprises three table lamps with a distinct design of a cylindrical base and a thing, oval-shaped ring that looks like it’s floating depending on the angle. All three lamps are made of aluminium with a matte powder coating. The coating is available in various colours, so you can choose the perfect shade to match your décor.

As an added luxury, the table lamps are wireless, giving you even more flexibility in your choice of lighting and décor. The lamps have an IP54 rating, making them hardy in the face of water, dust, and indoor and outdoor particles, so you can  move the comfortable light around, taking it with you on the go. The battery-powered table lamps are charged through a simple magnetic connection with red and green lights indicating where you’re at in the charging process. On a single charge, the lamp shines for up to 40 hours, giving you plenty of opportunity to enjoy the comfortable light of the oval-shaped ring to which the name refers. You can even control the light using the touch-sensitive button on top of the lamp, allowing you to choose between various brightness levels as you see fit!

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