MENU expands popular collection with TWO lamps - Find the new Hashira designs here

23 May 2022
MENU expands popular collection with TWO lamps - Find the new Hashira designs here
It’s a good day at Lampemesteren! The graceful and quaint Hashira collection from MENU has welcomed two new lamps. The Norm Architects brand originally designed the Hashira collection for MENU as a modern take on traditional Japanese rice paper lanterns, and the result struck a perfect balance between aesthetics and proportions, not to mention minimalism and personality.

Norm Architects was founded in 2008, and ever since, the brand has drawn on architectural and design norms and traditions for inspiration, including the Scandinavian design principles of timeless aesthetics, natural materials, and the modern values of humility and refinement.

Based on these principles, Norm Architects has created a design that combines exquisite materials and artisanry while manifesting aesthetics, history, and timeless minimalism that has a decorative effect on any room regardless of style of décor.

This time around, the new additions to the collection that already includes pendants, table lamps, and floor lamps take the form of a new floor lamp and a completely new wall lamp. Both lamps are fitted with the distinct cylindrical lampshade that characterises the Hashira collection. The new floor lamp model has a distinctly tall and slim black powder-coated steel base that lifts the lampshade further off the ground, creating a heightened, light expression.

The floor lamp can be placed all over the home, including the dining room, hallway, and bedroom. No matter where you place it, the lamp is a decorative addition that contributes a touch of exclusivity and lightness. The same can be said for the wall lamp, which looks stunning on its own on the wall or as a pair in the living room or bedroom, where the lamp contributes a beautiful ambient glow.

Both the wall and floor lamp are equipped with a translucent fabric lampshade in classic White and the warmer Raw, both of which radiate cosiness, relaxation, and a subtle aesthetic. The textured fabric also lends a tangible softness to the room. The black steel base and light linen lampshade create a beautiful contrast that contributes edge and character to any style of décor. The handmade lampshade emits a diffuse, soft, glare-free glow and contributes to a cosy, comfortable atmosphere.

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