Traditional elegance and impeccable style for homes with classic décor

11 April 2022
 Traditional elegance and impeccable style for homes with classic décor
In a true firework display of stunning details, the Caleb chandelier makes an exquisite impression that radiates confidence and elegance. The classic design brings to mind old mansions where the chandelier was a decisive and key element of your décor. If you want to treat your dining table or hallway to a touch of Jane Austen idyl, then Caleb is perfect for you.

Caleb’s curved arms and intricacies command attention and bring your décor together in any room from the basement to the attic. You can hang the lamp in the middle of the room, where the lovely design truly comes into its own. In an open-plan kitchen, you can even consider two Caleb chandeliers with five or eight arms for a truly lavish dynamic as light and shadow interact between the intricate details.

The lamp contributes unique charm through the gorgeous light, and you can practically hear the woosh of ballgowns and the clinking of champagne flutes when the switch comes on. The mighty, impeccable design is supplemented with modern lighting methods. Forget all about poor indoor climates, fire hazards, and wax drippings. The light of the eight LED bulbs reaches all the way into the corners without making your energy bill explode.

The elegant curves are a harmonious contrast to the raw and solid chain suspension that brings the lamp’s various details together. If you love old-school design where industrial meets grandiose, the Caleb lamp is perfect for you. And that’s not all: the chandelier comes in two versions with five and eight arms. There’s even a Caleb wall lamp in the same gorgeous design, so both your walls and your ceilings can benefit from Lucande’s latest masterpiece.

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