Treat your body and soul to luxurious sheets from ByNord!

21 April 2022
Treat your body and soul to luxurious sheets from ByNord!
A great start to the day starts the day before—and now you can make the start and end of your day some of the best moments with ByNord’s latest launch of incredibly comfortable and aesthetic bedsheets. ByNord is a Scandinavian brand fully dedicated to creating quality design that brings a sense of calm and harmony into the bedroom, so wrap yourself up in the luxurious comfort and high quality that characterises the exquisite ByNord bedsheets next time you find yourself counting sheep.

Since ByNord was founded, the brand has been deeply anchored in the Scandinavian design tradition, drawing on Nordic nature for inspiration. The calming colours of earth, air, and water bring out a peaceful hue in every design with the purpose of creating a strong feeling of mental and physical wellbeing.

ByNord bedsheets

ByNord recognises that the bedroom is one of the rooms where you relax, recharge, and enjoy a good night’s comfortable sleep. The brand creates high-quality products that facilitate this relaxation and comfortable sleep, not to mention a gentle wakeup. These exclusive products didn’t fall out of the sky, and the brand has carefully selected its materials and techniques to create products that contribute to a calming, harmonious environment—perfect for the most important room in the home.

With this in mind, ByNord has created an exquisite collection using light and breathable bedsheets in percale-woven OEKO-TEX® 100 certified organic cotton, giving you a comfortable and luxurious experience, so you sleep like a baby every time you wrap yourself in the crisp sheets. The fabric has also had an enzyme wash, which makes it even softer and more comfortable—whether you lay down for your eight hours or half an hour on one side followed by half an hour on the other.

The bedsheets are available in various colours and sizes, so you don’t need to toss and turn, worrying that you won’t be able to find the perfect sheets for your needs and aesthetic. A unique set of bedsheets from ByNord brings warmth, cosiness, and happiness into your bedroom, making it hard to get out of bed but easy to wake up on the right side. You make your bed, and with a remarkable set of sheets from ByNord, it’ll be a pleasure to lie in it. Enjoy the decorative addition to your décor as you drift off to an enchanting night of sleep.

Sleep tight!

Say goodnight in style with bedsheets from ByNord