LE KLINT launches an exciting new design - Read more about the Bee Hive table lamp here

30 May 2022
LE KLINT launches an exciting new design - Read more about the Bee Hive table lamp here
At Lampemesteren, we can feel that summer is on its way. The sun is shining on the entire country, the days are getting longer, and the bees are pollinating the flowers. The quaint summer atmosphere has also gotten to the Danish designer brand LE KLINT, which has created the summery Bee Hive table lamp in collaboration with the Harrit-Sørensen design duo.

LE KLINT is a traditional company that continues to hold onto its principles of exceptional artisanry, aesthetic, and quality. With these principles in mind, the brand has produced one classic after the other over the years, the most famous of which is the iconic cross-pleated lampshade that has made the LE KLINT lamps fixed inventory in homes around the globe

In 2022, Harrit-Sørensen has combined modern design with LE KLINT’s classic double cross-pleating, creating a unique lamp that fits into all styles of décor. Bee Hive is inspired by traditional Japanese lamps and imbues its surroundings with a natural calm. The table lamp consists of a classic oak frame inspired by bee hives, hence the name, and a hand-folded pleated lampshade that ensures a minimalist and refined look that contributes simplicity and elegance to any interior design.

This unique lamp combines Japanese refinement and Danish design tradition in an eminent, timeless design that fits in everywhere, whether it’s beside the bed, on the windowsill, or in a cosy corner of the home. No matter where you use the lamp, it’s guaranteed to serve as an aesthetic light source that beautifully complements the existing décor. Its organic, soft, glare-free light shines out of all four sides, and the built-in diffuser ensures that the uplight is distributed perfectly throughout the room.

The formidable table lamp comes in two different sizes, so you’re free to choose the model best suited for your needs. You can also place the two sizes together to create a unique and personal expression that radiates warmth and cosiness.

Find both new Bee Hive table lamps here