Functionality from top to toe – find the Porta table lamp from Normann Copenhagen here!

14 February 2022
Functionality from top to toe – find the Porta table lamp from Normann Copenhagen here!
”Challenging conventional thinking and making the ordinary extraordinary through great design.”

That’s how Normann Copenhagen describes the mission that has been guiding the company since 1999—and by making the ordinary extraordinary, the two founders Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen have managed to get their products out to more than 80 countries around the world.

Although the business celebrated its 20th birthday in 2019, there is still plenty of creative fuel to go around, and the latest lamp truly highlights that. That’s why we’re proud to present the innovative Portable table lamp on our website.

Normann Copenhagen’s Porta portable table lamp is a functional and innovative product. The shape is defined by the functionality, but the lamp is beautiful all the same—and the cohesion of the lamp’s properties and design creates a formidable expression that strikes a balance between Nordic elegance and the neat, industrial approach to design.

Porta leaves nothing to change. The rectangular lampshade has a distinct shape that makes the lamp perfect for bookshelves and windowsills where there isn’t much space—and the portable properties mean that you don’t need to worry about cables and plugs in the narrow corners.

As the name implies, Porta is a portable lamp—and out of all the smart features, this is the smartest. If the clouds part and the evening sun tempts you into a corner of the garden, you no longer need to fear the dark—and with strong batteries that allow the lamp to shine for up to 8 hours on full brightness, Porta will be by your side all evening long.

The lamp has three settings: 100%, 70%, and 40%. The two energy-saving settings allow Porta to shine for 24 and 90 hours respectively—and if the light starts to get a little weak, you can easily charge the lamp using the metre-long USB cable included.

The designer behind the elegant design is Danish Simon Legald, who has various incredible Danish designs to his name.

“Honesty is what makes a product understandable and is what describes the product’s functionality,” he writes on Normann Copenhagen’s website—and looking at Porta, you see exactly what he means. The lamp’s many features take are in the driving seat, and the design springs up around them; from the white acrylic diffuser to the lamp’s slip-resistant silicone base ring.

Find Porta Portable in three lovely shades here!