Whimsical collection available in a new shade – find the Hashira collection in Raw here!

10 January 2022
Whimsical collection available in a new shade – find the Hashira collection in Raw here!
The lovely and coveted Hashira collection from MENU is out in a new colour.

The comfortable collection comprising a floor lamp, table lamp, pendant, and pendant cluster is now available in Raw, which perfectly captures the collection’s famous comfort and warmth.

The concept originated on an inspirational trip taken by the talented designers behind the lamp. Norm Architects went to visit traditional Japanese washi manufacturers, where they witnessed the unique and ancient art of manufacturing the famous Japanese paper.

To create the unique paper, fibres and fabrics are added to make the paper stronger—but also to give the paper a whimsical, organic, and warm expression.

The expression and duality of the paper’s delicate yet strong construction—not to mention the meeting of simple and complex—inspired the talented designers at Norm Architects. With the Japanese paper manufacturers in mind, they created the original Hashira collection in collaboration with Menu in 2020.

Hashira means pillar, and the duality is reinvented in the lamp’s simple yet distinct design, meeting of Scandinavian and Japanese design, and marriage of tradition and modernity. The lamp’s shape is inspired by traditional Japanese lanterns, and Norm Architects wanted to create a lamp that provides a light just as comfortable as that of the lanterns.

The lamp’s calm aesthetic is now even warmer, calmer, and more comfortable—and it has a raw edge. Raw is slightly darker, giving the lamp a warmer ambiance when the light comes on. Hashira is still the shape we know and love, and it has the same acoustic properties as always.

Find the complete Hashira collection in Raw from Menu here