Ambrosia from Marset – find the unique, versatile collection right here!

20 January 2022
Ambrosia from Marset – find the unique, versatile collection right here!
This collection of simple industrial designer lamps was created by Alberto Ciszak and Andrea Dalmas, and it makes you feel like you’re stepping into a stylish, futuristic universe of lamps. According to the designers, Ambrosia was an exercise in combining simplicity with aesthetics and practicality. Right from the start, Ciszak and Dalmas have endeavoured to create simple, sustainable designs that improve people’s lives, which aligns perfectly with the core of Marset, and Ambrosia is the perfect result of this process.

Ambrosia was originally intended as a unique and decorative addition to a luxurious multi-brand shop in Madrid. But in this version, the designers have collaborated with Joan Gaspar to experiment with a simple, functional, and aesthetic design that uses modules of linear, flat, and asymmetrical segments to create a soft, comfortable, and even glow no matter the room. The integrated LED SMD tubes are available in various warm colours, and you can adjust the brightness, so you always have the exact light you need.

The endless design…

The design is structured like a fluorescent lamp with soft lines, and from its spot on the ceiling, the lamp bathes the room in a wonderful glow that spreads beautifully throughout the room. This is where the lamp’s purpose truly comes into its own, as it was designed to be invisible—to not bring attention to itself and overshadow the architecture, but rather to merge with it to highlight its beauty. The lamp is made up of modules, and the different parts are easy to adjust, so the lamp fits into any room and décor. Ciszak and Dalmas’ wish is that we appreciate the lamp not as a limited product but rather as an open system capable of adapting to a specific purpose—such as lighting up the dining table, desk, bathroom, or hallway. You can adjust the lamp’s height and length to suit your desired expression and atmosphere as the system can be adapted to any room. The only limit is your imagination.

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