Snow white elegance for the Nordic home – LUCEO from AYTM in White/Clear

21 September 2021
Snow white elegance for the Nordic home – LUCEO from AYTM in White/Clear
The name LUCEO comes from the Latin verb ‘to glow’, and that is just what this lamp does. The lamp radiates Scandinavian grace and style—even while the bulb is off during the day. The oval silhouette has been an impressive feature in homes since 2004, contributing a glamorous golden glow and a stylish black touch. LUCEO is now being launched in a cool, elegant white that brings the Nordic aesthetic to the surface once and for all. Let the stunning minimalist design enrich your home, whether classic or modern, with a warm, indirect glow that bathes the room in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

The lamp is produced by the Danish brand AYTM, which has been launching stunning designs and giving the traditional Danish designs an international touch of colour and vibrancy since 2004. This approach is clearly reflected in LUCEO, which is made of metal and glass to create a graceful contrast between the delicate glass and the strong, reliable metal. The result is a functional design with a confident and playful beauty. LUCEO in white complements the Nordic aesthetic perfectly, particularly when suspended in symmetric lines above the dining table, in the hallway, or centrally in the living room. If you want a more dynamic and modern expression, you can pair LUCEO in white with other shapes and sizes, creating a more eye-catching effect.

If you love the simple Danish look, where quality and functionality speak for themselves, unhindered by daring lines and flamboyant hues, LUCEO in White/Clear is perfect for you. The lamp is available as a pendant in three sizes, but it also comes as a table lamp, floor lamp, and wall lamp, so there are lots of ways to incorporate the lamp into your décor. The only thing left to do is enjoy the hours framed by the gentle light of this true Nordic beauty.

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