MADE BY HAND are handmade designer lamps

At a local workshop, Kresten Berg is busy twisting and turning a workshop lamp – With a steady hand, he works at the lathe, iron filings flying around the lamp. He made the shaft of the tool he’s using by himself, so it fits his hands and his way of working to perfection. Kresten has over 50 years of stamping experience, and during that time, he has worked for Louis Poulsen. This was where he made a workshop lamp for the first time, so making it again is an exciting opportunity.

The handmade lampshades have their inconsistencies – every time Kresten starts and stops working, a small dent or mound appears, which can be seen when you look at the surface of the lamp. This means that they are not as smooth as they would be, had they been made by a machine. His work is evidence of a proud tradition of Scandinavian design where everything was made by hand and of the highest quality. An artisan tradition based on the values, experiences, and techniques of the previous generation – learnt and refined over the course of centuries
From Workshop Pendant to Designer Brand

From Workshop Pendant to Designer Brand

Based on the well-known Workshop Pendant, Made By Hand was founded in 2014. The Danish designer brand pays tribute to the solid, Scandinavian craftsmanship that builds on knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. Through a love of natural materials, good craftsmanship, and durable quality, the company creates personal designs with lovely details.

Made By Hand has also drawn on the age-old ceramic tradition. The Porcelight collection is a simple porcelain lamp designed by Erik Magnussen. He was a ceramicist and designer for Bing & Grøndahl in the late 1960s, and he was used to putting his own spin on the history of ceramics within the Scandinavian tradition. The handmade lampshade is lovely and white in the daylight, and it emits a soft, golden light whenever it’s turned on.

When the production company behind Masterchef Danmark wanted a series of lamps with a unique, warm glow and a comfortable light, it didn’t take long to choose Porcelight. The simple pendant was tasked with illuminating the pantry, while the wall lamp from the same collection lit up the walls and fit perfectly into the Masterchef kitchen environment.

Another artisan tradition that has inspired Made By Hand is that of knitting. Their Knit Wit collection consists of a framework of thin legs covered by a thin, knitted lampshade. The light source is hidden inside the lampshade, so the light shines through the pattern on the lampshade. This ensures 360° of soft and atmospheric light in any room. The knitted lamp was nominated for a Design Award in 2017, under Lamp of the Year, and in 2018, it contributed to the cosy atmosphere in the late-night DR1 studio.

Made By Hand is a good example of how age-old traditions can be paired with innovation and creativity. We need talented artisans like Kresten to put their thoughts into practice. At a time when we put the spotlight on academic skills, we must not forget the art of good craftsmanship. Aside from lamps, Made By Hand have expanded their assortment to include furniture characterised by the same artisanal traditions. Robust materials, Scandinavian design, and high quality: those are the common denominators.

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