Luceplan Ceiling Lamps

With ceiling lights like Hope, D7, Metropoli and Lightdisc, you can see that Luceplan is serious about lighting. Paolo Rizzatto, Alberto Meda and Riccardo Sarfatti are the designers behind the creations.

All of our ceiling lamps from Luceplan are delivered with bulbs.

Luceplan originated in 1978 when Riccardo Sarfatti, Paolo Rizzatto and Sandra Severi wanted something more tangible than what was up till then a loose collaboration.

The founders now had Luceplan as a rallying point for their creative energies and innovative solutions driven by the desire for development and innovation, all wrapped in beautiful and sustainable design.

It is important for Luceplan to look forward and familiarize themselves with the behavior of consumers and the changes that occur in industrial production, procurement of raw materials, optimization, savings as well as changes in distribution and purchase patterns to keep themselves at the forefront.

Saving energy is a top priority and cannot be limited to the relationship between lighting and energy consumption - it must include environmental friendliness that spans the entire operation - from choice of materials to the manufacturing process, from product durability to product maintenance.

If you produce long-life products, it is necessary that they are beautiful as well as built on solid technology. But a long life also means that the product is more environmentally friendly and that it survives the moods of fashion.

Enjoy the search for your new ceiling light.
Hope Ceiling Lamp - Luceplan
RRP EUR 1,471.00
In stock now
Trama Wall Lamp/Ceiling Lamp Ø64 - Luceplan
RRP EUR 520.00
Expected in stock: 10 - 14 days
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