Launch of a special-edition KAISER Idell 6631 table lamp

In 2019, a design movement that changed the course of design history marks its 100th anniversary. Fritz Hansen is commemorating this anniversary with a special edition of a design classic. Read on and learn more about the Bauhaus movement and what it has to do with the KAISER Idell lamp and Fritz Hansen.

Bauhaus Design – a landmark cultural movement

Bauhaus Design – a landmark cultural movement

The Bauhaus moment was active from 1919 until 1933: a turbulent period with three directors and three locations. But in spite of the near-constant changes, the movement made its mark on design and architecture. Bauhaus was a school that incorporated design and production in the same house. The school was founded by Walter Gropius, who had a vision:

“Arts and crafts must melt together. The artist must also be a craftsman.”

The Bauhaus school became a landmark cultural movement in the 20th century, introduced the entire world to the idea of functionalism. This had a deciding impact on the development of architecture well into the 1900s; a development that can still be seen today. The idea behind Bauhaus was to shift the focus to the function and allow the function to reveal itself in the form. Trademarks of the Bauhaus design style were, and continue to be, clean lines, simple shapes, and simple colours, the marriage of which result in a clean expression.

A classic of the Bauhaus period

A classic of the Bauhaus period

The KAISER Idell lamp collection has sprung from the Bauhaus school in Germany, combining the concept that served as the founding principle for the school. Focus was to be on the function, and the good craftsmanship was to melt into the design. The KAISER Idell lamps are impeccable proof of this. As a tribute to this period in design history, Fritz Hansen has launched the famous KAISER Idell Luxus  table lamp in a brass version. The brass version has been launched in a special edition, marking the 100th anniversary of the movement.

The special edition of the model 6631 table lamp is made from untreated brass, which means that it will achieve a patina over time. This ensures a unique patina that makes each lamp one of a kind.

The iconic KAISER Idell table lamp is built up around a patented ball joint, providing the lamp with a good, strong function. The table lamp has a recognisable feature in its distinct lampshade that ensures a perfect distribution of light, making it the ideal fit for a desk lamp – or as a gorgeous design icon to round off your décor. The top of the lampshade carries the engraving “ORIGINAL Kaiser Idell”.

Christian Dell designed the first KAISER Idell lamp back in 1936, when it made its first appearance in a catalogue. Before long, the lamp was the main character of the KAISER Idell collection.

A lamp that continues to be a symbol og noble, German design to this day.

Christian Dell – a large part of the Bauhaus movement

Christian Dell is one of the figureheads of the Bauhaus period. From 1922 until 1925, he was in charge of the Bauhaus metal workshop. He was a recognised German designer with a silversmith’s background. With an impeccable eye for detail – thanks, in part, to his silversmith’s background – he managed to design a lamp collection that remains a relevant element of décor to this day.

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Fritz Hansen pays tribute to a design movement

Fritz Hansen is marking the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus movement by launching a special edition of the KAISER Idell 6631 table lamp. This version combines the matt black lampshade with lovely, raw brass.

The classic design in this new, brass version fits perfectly into modern interior design. The special edition is an elegant tribute to a design that has well and truly withstood the test of time and earned the right to call itself “a true design classic”. Fritz Hansen is a Danish design firm that offers everything a house could want from some of the biggest designers around the world. They offer the complete range of the KAISER Idell lamps, but their assortment also includes a wide range of new and classic lamps.

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