Inspirational wall lamp photos from our customers


A wall lamp is more than just a practical fixture by the bed or in the hallway. These days, there is a wealth of functional wall lamps out there with a decorative, modern look and the ability to breathe personality into your décor. Let yourself be inspired, and find your next wall lamp here.

<hr><font size="+2">265 Wall Lamp from Flos</font>

265 Wall Lamp from Flos

Synnøve from Norway is one of our many customers who has chosen the popular 265 from Flos for their living room. Using wall lamps instead of pendants has become quite the trend, and 265 is a fixture in many homes these days. Mounted on the wall, 265 is incredibly flexible, thanks to its long arm that allows you to adjust the position of the lamp head and direct the light wherever you need it. The counterweight ensures light and elegant movement, and the great light is perfect for coffee tables and dining tables.

You can also see the Caravaggio Read Wall Lamp in the photo. The minimalist lamp helps give the room an industrial look, and it forms a stunning contrast to the soft, feminine elements.

Find the 265 Wall Lamp from Flos in various colours here

Photos kindly provided by @monica.rablewska
<hr><font size="+2">Popular wall lamp for modern décor</font>

Popular wall lamp for modern décor

We get so many beautiful inspirational photos of the 265 Wall Lamp from our customers, and here you can see it at Linda’s, where it completes the Nordic look. The photo clearly shows how the lamp’s adaptability ensures that you get the light you want, even in a big beautiful living room. Pull the lamp into whichever position you need, and spin the lampshade to adjust. With a two-metre arm and an 85 cm bracket, the lamp covers quite the radius.

The wall lamp has a cool industrial expression that makes it a unique but popular choice to light up dining tables, couches, and conference rooms. The only limit is your imagination with this wall lamp that is truly the cream of the crop.

Find the 265 Wall Lamp here.

Photos kindly provided by @lindakipper
<hr><font size="+2">Tolomeo Wall Lamp: popular in kitchens</font>

Tolomeo Wall Lamp: popular in kitchens

Tolomeo MINI Parete is a beautiful, simple wall lamp that can be used anywhere in need of a good light. Inger from Norway has two Tolomeo Wall Lamps in the kitchen, which is a great idea as the lamp’s flexibility means that you always have the exact light you need. Spin or pull the lamp to follow your workflow in the kitchen, or tilt it towards the wall for a beautiful cosy glow.

Tolomeo MINI Parete was created by Artemide, and if you need other sizes and colours, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s an entire collection to choose from. Tolomeo is a great fit for lighting up couches in the living room, nightstands in the bedroom, or anything else in need of an adjustable light.

Find the complete Tolomeo collection here.

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<hr><font size="+2">Eye-catching lighting with the New Wave Wall Lamp</font>

Eye-catching lighting with the New Wave Wall Lamp

The light and elegant New Wave Wall lamp from Design By Us contributes a stunning eye-catching light. The blown glass creates an exciting exchange between light and shadow on the wall and in the room at large. The lamp isn’t just a source of atmospheric light but also a sculptural object in its own right—and that’s true whether it’s on or not.

The lamp comes in various colours and sizes, not to mention as a wall lamp and ceiling lamp.
Find the entire New Wave range here

Photos kindly provided by @hus_frederiksberg