Décor for your budget with Lampmaster's various Value for Money lamps!

Imagine you just bought your dream house, and imagine it’s time to decorate it with designer lights from top to bottom. You might be thinking that sounds expensive—but really, it doesn’t have to be. Lampmaster's Value for Money range includes everything from small recessed spots to impressive chandeliers, and we’ve tried to cover the needs of an entire house in just this collection. Come join us on a fantasy tour of a conceptual house. We’re confident it’ll give you the inspiration you need for your next interior design project!

The driveway
You approach the house, and the gravel crackles under your tyres. A corridor of light illuminates the driveway, and the first lamp on our fantasy tour welcomes you back home. The Tekiro garden lamp with sensor from Lucande welcomes you, lighting up a row of 60 cm garden lamps at regular intervals. The lovely, minimalist shape looks stunning with its safe, neat, and dense expression, and the unusual concrete base is illuminated by a warm light that escapes and lights up the light green leaves on the trees lining the driveway.

You pull the handbrake and step out. A sea of Haukur solar cell lamps from Lindby ensure that you don’t step straight into a puddle as the ambient light of the small, opalised spike lamps lights up the entire courtyard. Your eyes are guided to the door, and a corridor of the small, round lights leads you home. As you step on the last stone in front of the door, a final sensor lamp turns on, and the elegant little Yolena LED lamp from Arcchio lights up, its downlight illuminating the doormat as a subtle reminder that it’s there.

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The entrance
Shoes freshly wiped, you step across the threshold, and the car keys dangling from your fingers naturally find their way to the little surface of the Zinia lamp. The floor lamp from Lindby is on, bathing the entrance in a soft, comfortable glow warm enough to give the room an inviting aura. You hang your coat and hat on the coat rack before you look up and notice the exciting ceiling lamp constellation.

An illuminated Juliven from Lindby hangs from the ceiling, accentuating the diffuse and comfortable glow by the entrance—but right behind Juliven, there’s a Brinja 2 aimed straight at the coat rack and the door. Curiosity gets the better of you, and you press the switch. A cold and practical light fills the entrance, revealing the slightest bit of dirt. You can’t help but think to yourself that the smart spotlight would come in handy when it’s time to clean—and that you should probably take your shoes off before you step inside.

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The hallway
The entrance opens up into the hallway, leaving you with a wealth of options: kitchen, living room, or bedroom? The hallway is rectangular, and an elegant glow from the Angelina wall lamps from Lucande hang in a row along the right wall, making the hallway feel longer than it actually is.

Across from the wall on the right, which is divided by triangular cones of light from the small Angelina lamps, there are two lithographs by an artist you probably know thanks to the important role he has played in the art world. You notice the incredible colour rendering and watch as the two lithographs light up the hallway. You realise that the thin line above the pictures casts a soft but precise light onto the surface of the colourful art. It’s all thanks to the two Thibaud wall lamps in nickel from Lucande. With their unmistakeable elegance, these lamps can be pointed onto the artwork itself or up to create a local, ambient light. You settle on the first door to the right.

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The living room
You step into the living room. You check the hustle and bustle of your life at the door and welcome a moment of relaxation. The room is decorated with two sofas, framing the coffee table in the middle of the room with the help of an armchair and a TV. The back wall is home to a low dresser that might have come from a second-hand shop—a solid oiled oak dresser with a few permanent knickknacks. Behind the glass of the vitrine, you can make out books, photos, and a single bottle of vintage schnaps.

The first things that catch your eye are the five balls of light hanging at eye-level in the corner of the room. Hayley 5 from Lucande commands attention, and with its bulbs suspended at various heights, the lamp adds a touch of excitement and atmosphere to the otherwise calm room, which is characterised by its cosy light.

The almost chandelier-like pendant cluster is rivalled by a contrasting pendant construction above the coffee table – two Arcchio Marilena pendants in black point towards the surface of the table, illuminating boardgames, drawings, and fruit bowls.

There’s no shortage of reading lights either. The lovely Viskan floor lamp in black from Lindby leans over the back of one of the couches, inviting you to find a book on the bookshelf and settle in with a cup of tea. The soft, diffuse glow becomes the baseline in the room, supported by the other cosy lamps on the dresser. Hidden amongst the wooden figurines, knickknacks, and simple clay sculptures from art classes are the Jinda table lamp with a blue wood lampshade from Lucande and the Shivanja table lamp in ash from Lindby.

The kitchen
During the tour, you find yourself getting peckish, so you make your way to the kitchen, where you can have a cosy chat over a cup of coffee, do homework with the kids, and cook. An Cosmina 4 Pendant Track Black/Gold from Arcchio is perfect for adding a warm and cosy touch. Its golden interior creates a golden glow that bathes the room in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you’re cooking, helping with homework, or chatting away, the light in your kitchen is essential. The Marla Pendant Smoke from Lindby is an obvious choice. The lamp is dimmable, so you can adjust the brightness as you see fit, and the light shines through the transparent, smoke-coloured glass spheres that beautifully reflect their surroundings. Marla is also an aesthetic design that has a decorative effect on the kitchen.

Flexible lighting is also a gorgeous advantage in a kitchen, making the Arnik Pendant L140 Nickel from Lucande a perfect choice. The lamp has a modern and exclusive look that has a stunning effect on your kitchen island. It also provides flexibility as you can raise and lower it as needed to ensure a clear, comfortable, glare-free glow. The light is dimmable, allowing you to adjust the gorgeous rays of light to suit the situation, whether you need to relax, help with homework, or cook.

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The dining room/dining table:
As an extension of the kitchen, you step into the dining room, where you’re immediately hit with visions of gathering your family for a meal after a long day, the cosy moment bathed in the glow of the Elidan Pendant from Lucande. With its olden interior, the pendant creates an atmospheric glow that radiates warmth, cosiness, and comfort, making it the perfect lamp to bring you and your family together. Meanwhile, its brightness is efficient and direct, so your children can do their homework at the dining table.

Then it’s the weekend, and you have visitors. You have it all planned out in your head. You think to yourself that it’s key to have a cosy, comfortable, and efficient light to create an inviting, festive atmosphere. The Lavinja Pendant Smart Home White/Chrome from Lindby meets all those requirements as you can choose from a wealth of colours using an app, allowing you to decide what colour you want the light to be. In other words, you always have the perfect light, whether it’s blue, red, or a natural warm white.

So, whether you’re gathering your family or your friends for a meal, a cosy boardgame evening, or a party of some sort, the lighting above your dining table is nothing short of essential. The Albiona 3 Pendant Black/White from Arcchio can contribute to creating the perfect atmosphere and light for your dining room. The lamp is dimmable, allowing you to adjust the light to suit various situations. The lamp also has three light rings set apart from one another, which create a beautiful dynamic with a decorative touch, guaranteed to command the attention of your guests.

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The bathroom
Let’s not forget that we spend lots of time in the bathroom every day for various reasons, and whether it’s the morning, afternoon, or evening, it’s important to have the perfect light. If you want a clear and comfortable glow, then a Gesina Ceiling Lamp Alu from Arcchio is a great choice. It contains two light sources which—aside from being adjustable—are also dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness, so you can decide if you want a relaxed glow or a clear, direct light. That feature is worth its weight in gold when you wake up in the middle of the night and need the toilet.

If you want a clear, efficient light that illuminates the entire bathroom, consider a row of Katerin Recessed Spots White from Arcchio. The humble spots are dimmable, giving you the perfect light. They have a temperature interval of 3000 to 5700 Kelvin, allowing you to toggle between warm and cool light. Whether it’s the morning, afternoon, or evening, there’s guaranteed to be a good setting for you.

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Staircase lighting
On your tour, you stumble upon a staircase—and stairs can be dangerous, so good staircase lighting is essential to your safety. Indoors, LED panels or rail spots can be a good solution. Outdoors, on the other hand, you can consider outdoor lamps with a sensor or path lamps.

For the small steps in the garden or by the front door, the Jaano Outdoor Recessed Well Lamp in from Lucande or the Lasca Recessed Spot in black from Arcchio are obvious choices, thanks to their downward-facing warm light that contributes to the cosy, inviting atmosphere. They light up the individual steps, so you have peace of mind with every step.

Indoors, there’s a row of Emina Wall Lamps in gold with a warm and cosy touch, thanks to their golden surface and warm glow. Each lamp emits a diffuse and comfortable glow that spreads up the staircase as it emerges from the top and base of the lamp. With its aesthetic appearance, the lamp has a magical effect on the room.

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The child’s room
As darkness falls and it becomes time to tuck in the little ones, having a good light for the bedtime story is essential. Luckily, we’ve thought of that too, and we suggest a Christer Floor Lamp H150 Multi Colour to light up the adventure. The lamp has a colourful and playful design that commands attention and contributes a happy atmosphere perfect for a child’s room. Watch as the lamp inspires happiness in children and adults alike.

Once the children get stuck into a good game, they have entertainment for hours—so, we’ve chosen a ceiling lamp that the kids can play with while you can rest easy that they won’t knock it over. The Umma Ceiling Lamp White from Lindby is a stunning addition to a child’s room. The simple design blends seamlessly into the ceiling, where it emits a soft, comfortable, glare-free glow that lights up the room and can be dimmed as you see fit. No matter the time of day, the perfect light is on hand.

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The bedroom
You enter the bedroom, and you can easily imagine the alarm clock going off early in the morning. You’re tired and struggling to get out of bed. Once you do, you have a wonderful, soft, glare-free glow to help you ease into the day. With a Sebatin Ceiling Lamp Grey/White/Nickel from Lindby with 3000 Kelvin, you’re guaranteed a soft and comfortable wakeup call and a great start to your day.

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Once you’ve rolled out of bed and made your way to the closet, it can be helpful to have a clear, focused light, so you have a better idea of what you’re reaching for and don’t end up with your partner’s clothes. The Lowie LED Spot White from Lindby is an excellent choice! Lowie comes in various versions with one, two, or three spots with 3000 Kelvin, so they emit a warm white light that creates a cosy, comfortable atmosphere—not too shabby when you haven’t had your morning cup of coffee yet. Lowie fits into any surroundings, emitting a clear, direct light and soft rays, the direction of which you can adjust to suit your needs thanks to the flexible lamp head.
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Once darkness has fallen, you need a lovely, dim light to fall asleep. Maybe you’re lying down reading, relaxing, or processing the events of the day. The Benjiro Table Lamp White/Chrome from the brand Lindby is the perfect companion for your reflective moments. Aside from adding a decorative touch to your nightstand, it’s also incredibly functional and flexible with its two light sources. The big fabric-covered lampshade provides a soft, comfortable light perfect for winding down. If you’re reading a good book, an extra light source is key because it has a more direct and focused light, the direction of which you can adjust as you see fit.

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The office
You walk into the office and pull the cord on your Profina Table Lamp Bronze from Lindby to turn on your classic desk lamp. The lamp is a classic and lovely combination of a polished bronze or rust frame with a raw white lampshade, ensuring a timeless and exclusive look that’ll adorn your office for years to come. The raw white glass lampshade emits a warm, soft glow that’s comfortable on the eyes when you’re spending long days and nights at your desk.

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If you jump between reading for fun and focused work, then the Eleni Table Lamp White from Lindby is the perfect fit for you. The lamp features impeccable functionality as you can choose between four brightness levels and colour temperatures from 3000 to 6200 Kelvin. You can also make the lamp dimmer or brighter as you see fit, so you always have the perfect light for your changing needs. The lamp head and arm can be twisted and tilted to shine wherever you want them, making the lamp an incredibly practical addition to your desk.

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The mudroom
Practical, sensible, and shaped by purpose. The mudroom is to everyday life what backstage is to a music venue. There’s a washing-machine-and-tumble-dryer tower, four gigantic built-in cupboards, and a counter that looks like something out of the kitchen, complete with a sink. There’s an invitation to a flea market arranged by the local sports team on the counter next to a cardboard box of freshly picked apples from the garden and a lonely screwdriver that’s been separated from its family. The walls are white, and the grey tiles on the floor give way to a metal grate. There’s a practical grey countertop that looks like stone but is probably made of laminated chipboard. It all comes together when you notice the lovely pendants illuminating the scene below.

Above the practical countertop, there are four Sanne pendants from Lindby, and as you take a closer look at the lovely grey lamps, you realise that they’re not made of imitation stone but rather of real concrete. It gives the room a special glow and a neat expression—the perfect fit for the room’s practical nature, not to mention its grey and white colour scheme.

You pick up the screwdriver and open the cupboards to see if you can find the rest of the set. Inside the cupboard, you find a vacuum cleaner, ironing board, moving boxes full of things you haven’t used in ages, and you realise how easy it is to see everything inside the cupboard. An ‘a-ha!’ surges through your body as you look up to discover Filiz, a beautiful spotlight from Lindby. The material is once again concrete, and you can really sense that the interior design behind this home has left nothing to chance. You don’t find the set of screwdrivers, and you decide that the lonely screwdriver has officially left home, so you put it back down on the counter. You walk towards the backdoor with its glass window and sticker proclaiming the house to be protected against burglars. You turn off the many Milaine recessed spots, which you’ve only just noticed, and walk into the garden.

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The garden
The garden is made up of a long lawn with fruit trees, a barbecue, and a terrace hidden behind a low brick wall with a wooden frame supporting the grapes as they appear on the vines.

The beautiful fruit trees light up in the dark. Each tree is illuminated by a lovely Galina spike lamp from Lucande, which is pointed towards the treetops, and pears and apples glow like pieces of jewellery hanging from the big branches.

Along the façade of the house, there’s a series of Cassian outdoor lamps from Lucande, which imitate classic lanterns with a new, modern, and minimalist design. The black silhouette almost seems to hang from a hook, but don’t worry—it won’t fall down. You see, the lamp is attached to the hook, so your Cassian can hold its own even in the face of a storm.

A cosy light reigns on the terrace, and attached to the wooden frame propping up the vines, there are a handful of beautiful Shams bulbs from Lindby. The lovely bulbs are mounted without cables and attachments because they get their power from the sun—and inside each bulb, there’s a little string light that ensures a golden glow. In the middle of the table, there’s a lamp with a secret: Soliana from Lindby. You’ll have to get close, but eventually, you realise there isn’t actually a candle inside the braided frame. It’s just a golden bulb. Just like the small bulbs, Soliana is solar powered.

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This concludes our guided tour. With the power of imagination, you’ve seen every inch of this imaginary home of ours. Did you like it? We’ve explored various categories of lamp types, materials, and features, and we hope you think we did a good job!

If you felt that anything was missing, feel free to dive into the Value for Money collection. You can use the various filters to find lamps in specific materials, models, or colours!

Try to create the perfect collection of lamps for your own home! The collection has everything your heart could possibly desire, so we’re confident something will catch your eye.