Brass – a beautiful and modern choice


Brass is the new black! The metal trend is gaining momentum everywhere, and after a long period of copper, brass has now taken over and can be seen in everything from furniture to accessories to lamps. Brass is the perfect match for the popular Nordic style of muted colors, minimalism and sustainability. And it needs to be matched! Combine a velvet sofa, a raw wood coffee table and a brass lamp in your living room. The different materials complement each other beautifully and will create a gorgeous and enviable look! Many of the big designers have jumped on the wave and you'll find beautiful brass lamps from Gubi, Tom Dixon, Louis Poulsen, &tradition, Flos and many more.

If you're looking for a classic look with a twist, the IC lamp from Flos might be an option. Available as a wall lamp, pendant and floor lamp, it's guaranteed to fit into any home!

How about a Etch Pendant from Tom Dixon? Different, geometric, beautiful and insanely elegant. Tom Dixon's new series Plane is also a beautiful option if the brass trend is moving into your home.

One of the big brass novelties is the VP Globe - now in brass! The classic VP Globe lamp has been launched in an anniversary version and with its new look, it's even more beautiful than before! You can find the VP Globe in brass here!

We have a wealth of options and the brass wave will be rolling for years to come, so welcome brass into your home - you won't regret it!
Brass has really made its way into our interior design in the form of small, delicate details. A true classic has been updated and is now even more relevant in modern interior design.

The KAISER Idell Luxus table lamp is now available in a special brass edition. The classic brass table lamp is almost breathtaking and a must-have in modern interior design. A true vintage-inspired look where the brass details will patinate over time and give it its own unique look. The brass version is a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus movement. The first KAISER Idell lamp saw the light of day back in 1931 and is today a world-renowned Bauhaus icon.

Incorporate brass into your interior design in the form of small and delicate details. Combined with a sleek design, it's just perfect.

See more about the beautiful special edition table lamp from Fritz Hansen here!
The Moisia floor lamp from Lindby is a clean, classic and minimalist design that will undoubtedly fit into any interior design style - from modern to traditional. Moisia has a round, flat base and an extremely slender but strong lamp stem, which is completed by the spherical lampshade. The entire lamp is made of iron with a beautiful brass finish that spreads a golden glow and warmth around the environment in which it is placed. The lamp head also has a tilt function, which makes it extremely flexible and practical, as you can determine the direction of the light source depending on where you need the light. In addition, the lampshade has a white inner side, which means that it spreads a warm white, uniform and glare-free light throughout the room. Place Moisia next to your sofa group or bed, where it spreads a pleasant light and creates a cozy and warm atmosphere for you and your guests.
The Dimitrij Bow wall light from Lucande is a classic and simple design that, with its timeless and vintage look, can easily claim its place in both modern and traditional interior design styles. The lamp has a minimalist design with a slim, cylindrical shape made from solid iron with a beautiful brass finish that gives the feeling that the lamp has stood the test of time. This vintage look is extremely popular as people tend to always look for hidden treasures from the past that can give the home a more refined and classic look that stands out from the crowd.

In addition, the lamp is also flexible as it can be tilted up and down, allowing you to adjust the light to your needs. Dimitrij Bow has a kelvin temperature of 3000, which means that it emits a soft and warm white light that makes the wall light the perfect reading lamp next to the bed, desk or armchair, where it also sets a cozy atmosphere. The switch is located on the side of the base, making it quick and easy for you to turn the light on and off. With this lamp, you get a functional light source with a vintage aesthetic that will grace your home for years to come.
The Eleina 6 ceiling light from the Lindby brand is a classic combination of beautiful brass and elegant opal glass. This composition of materials and colors gives the lamp a timeless and exclusive look that you can easily place in all kinds of interior design styles. The lamp consists of a base and three slender brass rods, each holding two light sources that provide clear and uniform lighting throughout the room.

As an extraordinary feature of this lamp, the three brass rods can be positioned in different directions, and the six light sources can be rotated and tilted in several ways, depending on where you want the lighting. You can therefore adjust the light to suit your needs, and fortunately, you don't have to get stuck on just one position, as you can always adjust them to suit you, which also gives you the opportunity to add your own personal touch to the lamp. In addition, the lamp has a kelvin temperature of 3000, which means that it spreads a warm white light that, in combination with the exquisite brass, manages to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere that spreads throughout the room. The lamp is therefore ideal above the dining table, in the hallway or living room, where it serves as a gathering point for the whole family.

Eleina is also available with four light sources. See it here!
The Tolu pendant from Lucande brings modern aesthetics into your home. The elongated, slender pendant is made from aluminum with a beautiful brass finish, which gives the lamp a warmth that exudes coziness and relaxation and is perfect for the dining room or kitchen, where it illuminates the surroundings in a pleasant way. The lamp's elegant and simple design in exquisite brass gives it an exclusive look that fits in with any interior design style. Here, its golden color contrasts beautifully with the rest of the surroundings, and whether it's colorful or neutral environments, it's sure to find its rightful place as the most eye-catching and unique element in the decor.

Tolu is equipped with six light sources that have a kelvin temperature of 2700, which means that the lamp spreads a warm white and pleasant light that, in combination with the brass, emits warmth and coziness to the entire room. The light is dimmable, so depending on your needs and mood, you can create just the right atmosphere in the rooms where the lamp is placed. If you want to create a cozy, inviting and relaxed atmosphere in your home, Tolu is the obvious choice.