Brass - A beautiful and modern choice

Brass is the new black! The metal trend is undeniable, and while it was all about copper for a while, we’re starting to gravitate towards brass, and we’re seeing it everywhere from furniture to accessories to lamps. Brass is the perfect match for the popular Nordic style with its muted colours, minimalism, and sustainability. And it’s great for mixing and matching! Feel free to pair your velvet couch with a raw wood coffee table, and bring it all together with a brass lamp. The different materials will complement each other beautifully, and you’ll end up with a gorgeous, enviable look. Many of the big names have jumped on the bandwagon, so you’ll find stunning brass lamps from Gubi, Tom Dixon, Louis Poulsen, &tradition, Flos, and many more.

If you love a classic look with a twist, the IC lamp from Flos is perfect for you. It comes as a wall lamp, pendant, and floor lamp, and the lamp fits seamlessly into any home!

How about an Etch Pendant from Tom Dixon? Different, geometric, and unbelievably elegant. Tom Dixon’s new Plane collection is also a lovely option if you want to get in on the brass trend.

We have a wealth of options available, and brass isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so don’t be shy to bring it into your décor. You won’t regret it.
Brass has seriously become a part of our interior décor through small, exquisite details. A true classic has been updated and is now more relevant than ever ind the modern décor.  

The KAISER Idell Luxus table lamp has arrived as a special edition in brass. This classic table lamp in brass almost takes your breath away and is now an absolute must in the modern décor. A vintage inspired look where the brass details will naturally patinate over time, giving it a unique expression. This brass version marks the 100 year anniversary of the Bauhaus movement. The first KAISER Idell lamp came to light in 1931, and today it is a world-renowned Bauhaus icon.

Let brass be a part of you interior décor in the shape of small, exquisite details combined with a lovely design that will never go out of style!

Read more about the beautiful anniversary edition from Fritz Hansen here

Moisia Floor Lamp Brass from Lindby is a stylish, classic, and minimalist design that fits seamlessly into any style of décor from modern to traditional. Moisia has a round, flat base and a slender but strong stem topped with a spherical lampshade. The lamp is made of iron with a stunning brass finish, ensuring a golden light that bathes the lamp’s surroundings in a warm glow. The head also has a tilting feature, which makes it particularly flexible and practical as you can adjust the direction of the light as you see fit. The lampshade also has a white interior, creating a uniform glare-free warm white glow. Place Moisia by the couches or the bed, and watch as it spreads a comfortable light and creates a warm, cosy atmosphere for you and your guests.
Dimitrij Bow Wall Lamp Brass from Lucande is a classic and simple design with a timeless vintage look that fits seamlessly into modern and traditional décor alike. The lamp has a minimalist design with a slim cylindrical shape made of solid iron with a lovely brass finish that makes you feel like the lamp has stood the test of time. The vintage expression is incredibly popular as we’re always looking for treasures from the past to give our homes a more refined and classic expression that stands out from the crowd.  

The lamp is also highly flexible as you can tilt it up and down to adjust the light as needed. Dimitrij Bow has 3000 kelvins, which means that it emits a soft warm white light, making the wall lamp the perfect reading light for the bedside, desk, or armchair, where it also contributes to the cosy atmosphere. The switch is placed on the side of the base, making it quick and easy to turn the light on and off. This lamp is a practical light source with a vintage aesthetic that will adorn your home for years to come.
Eleina 6 Ceiling Lamp Brass from Lindby is a classic combination of stunning brass and elegant opal glass. The combination of materials and colours gives the lamp a timeless and exclusive look that fits seamlessly into all styles of décor. The lamp comprises a base and three slim brass rods, each of which holds two light sources, creating a clear and uniform light that illuminates the entire room.

An extraordinarily gorgeous feature of this lamp is that the three brass rods can be positioned to face in different directions, and the six light sources can be rotated and tilted in various ways depending on how you want the light. In other words, you can adapt the light to your specific needs, and you don’t need to settle on a single direction as you can keep adjusting the rods every time you feel like it. It’s the perfect way to put your own spin on the lamp. Eleina also offers 3000 kelvins, which means that it emits a warm white light. Combined with the exquisite brass, this results in a cosy and comfortable atmosphere that spreads into the entire room. This makes the lamp a great fit for the dining table, hallway, or living room, where it brings together the entire family.

NB! If the value of the product has been degraded, such as if the product has been assembled or used, it can’t be returned.

Eleina also comes with four light sources – find it here!

Tolu Pendant Brass from Lucande brings the modern aesthetic into your home. The slim rectangular pendant is made of aluminium with a lovely brass finish, giving the lamp a sense of warmth that radiates cosiness and relaxation. It’s the perfect fit for the dining room or kitchen, where it naturally brings the family together. The lamp’s simple and elegant design in exquisite brass creates an exclusive expression that fits seamlessly into any style of décor. Its golden hue forms a stunning contrast to its surroundings, whether these are colourful or neutral, and the lamp is guaranteed to find its place as an eye-catching and unique addition to your decor. Tolu is equipped with six light sources with 2700 kelvins, meaning that the lamp emits a comfortable warm white light, and with the brass, this bathes the room in a warm, cosy glow. The lamp is also dimmable, so you can create the perfect atmosphere based on your needs and the mood. If you want to create a cosy, inviting, and relaxed atmosphere in your home, Tolu is the obvious choice.

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