Valentines’s Day – Buy the present for your special someone here!

On February 14th it starts!

It’s that time of year once again! The big day is right around the corner, and there are Cupids, filled chocolates, and rose petals everywhere. We are, of course, talking about Valentine’s Day, which takes place on February 14th! Valentine’s Day started a long time ago, when a priest named Valentine disobeyed the Emperor’s orders and wed soldiers who were forbidden from marrying. The holiday is massive in the US, but many other countries have adopted the tradition of love, including Denmark.

Is your husband, wife, or partner tired of the usual bouquet from the florist, classic socks, cards, or red wine? Then a gorgeous lamp just might be the perfect choice for this year’s Valentine’s Day gift. It’ll bring happiness and show off your creative side as you go for something out of the ordinary. We’ve made a list of great options below, to make finding a lovely lamp gift for your Valentine easy as pie!

1.  Swing 35 cm from House Doctor

House Doctor is the new black, and it has become popular in all aspects of interior design, especially on the lamp front! The amazing Swing lamps have a simple and lovely expression, and they fit perfectly into minimalist as well as more colourful décor! Hang one above your couch or maybe a few of them on the wall by your table. No matter where you place the Swirl, it’s guaranteed to look fantastic. Find the Swing lamps here.

2.Gräshoppa from GUBI

Do you want something different yet stylish and timeless? Then Gräshoppa from GUBI might just be an option. Designed by Greta Grossmann in 1947 but with an aesthetic look that makes it incredibly modern to this day. Available in a range of lovely colours, seen here in Vintage Red, which is bound to spread the love no matter where you place it. Find the grasshoppers here.

3.Flowerpot from &tradition

The Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp is a very popular lamp in general, and this matte black edition is a particularly huge success. The table lamp was inspired by the Flower Power movement of the 60s and 70s, and it is an incredibly stylish lamp. Flowerpot VP3 is available in various beautiful colours – find them all here.

4.Milk from &tradition

Milk is a cute little stool, turned into a beautiful table lamp. The table lamp is incredibly popular and can be found in various Scandinavian homes. The Milk lamp is dimmable and can be placed wherever you need extra light. It is available in natural wood, dark-oiled wood, and black – find them all here.

5.AJ Table from Louis Poulsen

The AJ lamps are incredibly popular, and the eternal classics are perfect for any home. They were designed by Arne Jacobsen for SAS Royal Hotel in 1960 and have gone on to achieve worldwide recognition. Available in various colours and as a floor lamp and wall lamp. We’ve picked out the lamp in gorgeous Light Petroleum—perfect for spring. Find the AJ lamps here.

6.E27 from Muuto

If you just want something simple, the E27 from Muuto is the perfect choice! Many people choose to suspend multiple lamps together for a lovely light and modern look. But the E27 can also be mounted on its own, and it’ll look gorgeous all the same! Available in a wide range of colours, seen here in a gorgeous warm terracotta. Find the E27 pendants here.

7.Table Lamp AIR from Frederik Bagger

Art Deco meets industrial super design. The new collection from Frederik Bagger is lovely and on its way to becoming incredibly popular. Frederik Bagger is known for his lovely glasses and vases, and the same aesthetic has been carried over into these lamp designs. The collection is also home to two different pendants.

8.Mr. Watson from Piffany Copenhagen

If you want something fun and quirky, let Mr. Wattson move in! Mr. Wattson is a new addition to the world of lamps, but he became a bestseller more or less overnight! Available in seven different colours, so you’re guaranteed to find a colour that fits into your or your Valentine’s home. Find the lovely lamps here.

9.Unfold Pendant Mustard

If the ceiling in the love of your life’s home needs a little something, the Unfold Pendant from Muuto might be the perfect fit. It’s simple but has some gorgeous details. It’s made from soft silicone, so no need to worry about breaking the lampshade! Available in various colours, shown here in an exquisite modern Mustard, which is very popular right now. Find the lovely pendants here.  

If you want to spoil your heart’s desire this Valentine’s Day, we have a range of options at Lampemesteren. You’re bound to get brownie points for creativity if you show up with a lovely, classic, beautiful designer lamp rather than a boring bouquet! Valentine’s Day is on February 14, so don’t wait too long to get the presents sorted. Your beloved will adore you!