Plafond Lamps

Plafond lamps are often referred to as ceiling lamps because they’re mounted on the ceiling. The trademark of a plafond lamp is that it emits a soft, diffuse light with a distribution of 360 degrees. The result is a good base light, which is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a lighting solution. One of the advantages of a plafond is that it doesn’t take up much space in the room. You can also mount it on the wall to reach even further into the room. This flat lamp is a particularly great fit for small rooms and rooms with low ceilings.

We often associate plafond lamps with the simple, traditional shells you find on the ceiling in mudrooms and hallways. The common lamp is a practical solution if you want a good light with a neutral design that blends in with its surroundings. But a plafond doesn’t have to be something that just contributes a good light—they can also contribute atmosphere, style, and serve as the final touch that brings your décor together. No matter which type you prefer, you can find it in our collection of ceiling lamps. If you’re looking for an LED plafond that gets as much as possible out of the light and also saves electricity, you can find the perfect fit in our collection too.
Focus on the good base light
We’re still focused on the home being a cosy and relaxing place where we can go to recharge. That can be a challenge if our home isn’t fitted with the right light that fulfils the needs you have in your daily life. So, the first thing you need to sort out is your base light, and for this purpose, a plafond is a great place to start. By placing a plafond in the centre of the ceiling, you get a functional light that reaches a wide area, making your home seem light and inviting. Once the base light is sorted, you can add secondary lights in the form of pendants, table lamps, and wall lamps to create smaller spaces and cosy spots around the home depending on where you like to relax and where you prefer to work.
Kinan Ceiling Lamp Black/Gold from Lindby is a dynamic ceiling fixture guaranteed to command the attention of your guests. The lamp has a quirky design with a base and series of overlapping plastic sheets with a matte black finish and gold interior that ensures a stylish, modern expression that brings an exclusive touch to any room. The overlapping sheets and golden interior cast a lovely, dynamic light onto the ceiling. Meanwhile, the glow has a warm and cosy effect on the room, making this the perfect lamp for bedrooms, entryways, and living rooms, where you and your guests can enjoy the beautiful light and pleasant atmosphere.
Sofia Ceiling Lamp Transparent/Chrome from Lindby is a luxurious and exquisite design unlike any other. The lamp is a modern take on the traditional chandelier and looks stunning in any home, where it is guaranteed to inspire admiration from friends and family alike. The ceiling lamp consists of transparent acrylic rods that come together to project an impressive light onto the ceiling and into the room at large. This effect looks stunning in most rooms, making the lamp a great fit for any spot that needs a functional light source that doubles as a decorative feature—such as above the dining table, in the living room, or in the bedroom, where the four light sources emit a comfortable and warm glow that’s perfect for all occasions. This lamp truly never gets old!  
Enesa S Ceiling Lamp Silver from Lucande is an original and unique design that breathes beautiful new life into classic and modern décor alike. The lamp consists of an upholstered base and dynamic aluminium arches guaranteed to catch the attention of your guests. The lamp features an LED light that follows the beautiful aluminium arches, creating a beautiful effect on the ceiling. You can also control the warm white LED light using your own wall switches, so the brightness and colour temperature are always just right. This functionality also allows you to change the atmosphere in the room, making this the perfect lamp for reading in the living room, getting ready in the hallway, or relaxing around the dining table. Enesa is a practical light source that contributes an aesthetic touch to your décor.

Enesa also comes in another size – find it here!
Brinja 2 Ceiling Lamp Black from Arcchio is a simple and stylish lamp that serves as an elegant addition to any style of décor. The lamp is made of aluminium with a matte black finish that results in a modern and stylish expression fit for any room, including the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and hallway, where the cylindrical light sources emit a clear and comfortable light that reaches into all the dark corners. The design is incredibly flexible as the lamp can be tilted 90 degrees and spin 350 degrees on its own axis, allowing you to adjust the direction of the light as necessary. It comes with two inserts in black and gold, so you can choose how much light you want reflected as either a wide or a slim light cone. If you choose the gold, the light will have a golden glow that contributes to the cosy, warm, and relaxed atmosphere you want in your home.  

The stunning Brinja 2 also comes in an elegant white – find it here!
Plafond – “Ceiling” in Italian

Plafond – “Ceiling” in Italian

Compared to the rest of Europe, Italy was quite late to start the industrial production of design. The country didn’t do so until the early 1900s, where style was primarily dictated by painters and artists, who were inspired by speed, machinery, and industry. This unique start to Italian design meant that Italy developed a different approach, which has gone on to result in the creation of various exciting designs—including lamp designs.

The Italians have been innovative in terms of ceiling lamps too. If you’re looking for a simple plafond with a straightforward design that contributes a good base light, check out the Studio Italia Design and Flos collections. These two Italian brands are passionate about light and focused on high quality and gorgeous design.

If you’re looking for an artistic ceiling lamp made from exciting materials and with an eye-catching design, then check out the collections from SLAMP and Kartell. Both brands have various impressive and colourful plafond lamps in their collections.
Perfect for the Scandinavian style

Perfect for the Scandinavian style

When it comes to décor, we still gravitate towards the Scandinavian style, which is associated with minimalism, nature, and stylish design. In response to the long, dark winters, Scandinavian homes tend to feature light furniture and walls to ensure that they always feel bright and friendly. For the same reason, lamps are an important part of Scandinavian décor, and the plafond lamp is a stunning solution. Its soft and diffuse glow ensures a great base light that makes the days seem longer and brighter no matter where you live.