Modern chandeliers


Do you associate chandeliers with an older, more traditional style of décor? We don’t blame you if you think of Buckingham Palace when you hear the word ‘chandelier’, but the fact is that there are plenty of modern chandeliers out there that live up to our current expectations for design!

While it’s true that a lot of modern chandeliers are inspired by their grandiose predecessors, most of them have had a modern makeover that has resulted in a significantly more modern style. A lot of chandeliers are based on small references to the days of yore, designed to give your modern home a bit of an edge, while other chandeliers defy every preconceived notion of this kind of lamp. Their expressions tend to be experimental and daring, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. These chandeliers are beyond unique. These lamps tend to be upscaled versions of pendants or consist of a combination of pendants or light sources. Chandeliers are usually suspended from the ceiling and intended to illuminate the entire room, and they tend to be a fixture in large halls, living rooms, dining rooms, public or private offices, and any other spaces that allows the lamp to come into its own.

<hr><font size="+2">The Bouquet from Le Klint</font>

The Bouquet from Le Klint

The Bouquet from Le KlintThe traditional Danish lighting brand Le Klint has reinterpreted its iconic pleated lampshades. In collaboration with Sinja Svarrer Damkjær, the brand has released a chandelier characterised by its classic atmosphere and references to Le Klint’s trademark traditional craftsmanship.

The lamp is a stunning Nordic take on the traditional chandelier, and it fits seamlessly into modern décor, where it bathes its surroundings in an even glow.

Find the chandelier in various sizes here, including the Bouquet pendant.
<hr><font size="+2">Hope – Luceplan</font>

Hope – Luceplan

The grand and experimental Hope lamp from the Italian Luceplan is at once a classic and a reinterpretation. The chandelier is inspired by the traditional Milanese prism chandeliers, but the materials used, not to mention the design itself, are brand-new. Instead of using glass prisms, the chandelier is made from specially cut polycarbonate sheets that have the same doubling and reflective properties. The design is simple and innovative.

Take in the optical wonder of this reinterpretation of the traditional glass prism chandelier right here!
<hr><font size="+2">Mesh Pendant – Luceplan</font>

Mesh Pendant – Luceplan

Another unique and experimental lamp from Italian Luceplan. The theatrical grandeur of the chandelier commands immense attention. The concept is based on the classic chandeliers formed by combining numerous light sources. This new interpretation might have the same basic structure, but the new and exciting pattern makes the lamp look as though it is floating in air.

Do you want your new chandelier to be the centrepiece of the room? Watch as the LED light dances beautifully across the surface of the floor from this gorgeous lamp from Luceplan.
<hr><font size="+2">Anoli 3 Chandelier – Nuura</font>

Anoli 3 Chandelier – Nuura

Nuura’s popular Anoli collection has just been released in an opal glass version. This chandelier from the Danish design firm consists of three Anoli pendants that make up the larger chandelier. The delicate, white opal glass has been assembled using a golden socket, an assembly point to which the lamp owes its calm expression. The Anoli 3 Chandelier is the perfect fit for the minimalist, Scandinavian style where simplicity and practicality are absolutely key.

Feel the soft, Scandinavian glow with a sensuous lamp from Nuura.
<hr><font size="+2">Arrangements – FLOS</font>

Arrangements – FLOS

Yet another masterpiece from the Italian lighting manufacturer. With the help of the renowned product designer Michael Anastassiades, the studio has launched an innovative collection characterised by its use of geometric, broken elements. Each element can be mounted on its own or as part of a cluster, allowing you to create an epic chandelier of thus-far unprecedented dimension.

Create your own unique chandelier by putting together a selection of elements from the collection. Find them here.
<hr><font size="+2">Plane – Tom Dixon</font>

Plane – Tom Dixon

This modern, graphic lamp combines three of the biggest trends of our time – brass, chandeliers, and molecule lamps. The glowing metal material forms a wonderful contrast to the light, Nordic décor while the numerous light sources in the molecular structure adds an almost magical atmosphere. This unique shape ensures that the lamp is a product beyond compare, and that looking at it is an experience in itself.

Experience the soft glow of the opal glass and take in the view of one of the most modern lamps in the comfort of your own home. You can find the lamp here.