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When decorating a child’s bedroom, it’s important to not only focus on comfort and functionality but also on the light in the room. It’s important to have a dynamic light for the entire room during playtime while a warm, dim light is helpful for relaxation and sleep. Find inspiration for your child’s next lamp here.

<hr><font size="+2">The cute Miffy lamp from Mr. Maria</font>

The cute Miffy lamp from Mr. Maria

Miffy is a popular child’s lamp that has become a feature in many children’s rooms. As you can see, Katrine’s daughter is one of the lucky owners.

Miffy was designed by the Dutch artist Dick Bruna who was telling his one-year-old son stories about a little rabbit he’d seen while on holiday by the northern coast, and that’s how Miffy came to be. If you know Miffy, chances are that you adore Miffy. But even if you don’t know the adorable nerdy rabbit from the bestselling Dutch books, you can still go ahead and invest in her. She’s guaranteed to make you smile.

The cute rabbit is a dreamy lamp for a child’s bedroom, and if you would prefer Nanuk the Polar Bear, Lion the Lion, or Boris the Bear, they’re all waiting for a little love too. The gentlemen at Mr. Maria have truly managed to create a collection of children’s lamps that appeal to children and adults alike.

Find the complete collection here.

Photos kindly provided by @kdohnjensen
<hr><font size="+2">Children’s lamps from Ferm Living</font>

Children’s lamps from Ferm Living

Ferm Living makes children’s lamps that contribute a functional glow while creating a fairy-tale atmosphere in the room. Its decorative wall lamp with a simple wooden silhouette has become particularly popular for children’s rooms. Through the back, the bulb lights up the wall on which the lamp is mounted to highlight the motif. The simple, classic expression is a great fit for any room, and the little ones are bound to love it.

Give your décor a personal touch with various motifs—a car, a cloud, or an animal. The beautiful wall lamp has a comfortable glow, and it’s perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in the play area or as a night light.

Find your favourite children’s lamp from Ferm Living here

Photos kindly provided by @bohoome (left) and @sageandgreige (right)
<hr><font size="+2">The feather lamp from Umage</font>

The feather lamp from Umage

The decorative EOS feather lamp from Umage is the perfect choice for any room. Just like the famous rice-paper lamp, EOS bathes its surroundings in an even glow and ensures a good base light. The lamp’s light and elegant expression is perfect for children of any gender, and it comes in white, pink, and brown, all of which contribute a stunning Nordic touch to your décor.

Find Eos in various sizes and colours here

Photos kindly provided by @miffyshaw (left) and @suashome (right)