GUBI introduce Bestlite in a Limited Edition

In 1930, designer Robert Dudley Best introduced the first lamp in the Bestlite collection. 2020 marks the lamp’s 90th birthday, and to celebrate, GUBI are launching a Limited Edition Bestlite BL90 collection. Only 300 lamps in each model will be available with the nickel finish. The lamps are certified with their own number to make them unique. Furthermore, the small metal sheet has an engraving of the 90th anniversary logo.

The Bestlite collection contains a wide range of lamps, so there is always a lamp to suit your particular lighting needs. The BL90 collection is home to the four most popular lamps—the BL1 Table Lamp, BL3 Floor Lamp, and BL5 and BL7 Wall Lamps with a stylish nickel finish.

Bestlite Table Lamp – BL1

The Bestlite BL1 Table Lamp was the first Bestlite lamp. In creating this practical lamp, the focus was flexibility, resulting in an adjustable height, tiltable arm, and lampshade that rotates 360 degrees. With a height of 54-81 cm (depending on the setting), the lamp has the perfect size for use as a desk lamp.

Bestlite Floor Lamp – BL3

Like the table lamp, the Bestlite BL3 Floor Lamp has a range of flexible features—a tiltable arm, adjustable height, and lampshade that can be rotated. The switch is placed on the cable by the floor, making it easy to turn off the lamp using your foot. This saves you the trouble of bending down every time you want to turn the lamp on or off. Place it beside your couches or in your reading nook for a comfortable and flexible reading light.

Bestlite Wall Lamp – BL5 and BL7

The same adjustable lampshade has been used for the Bestlite BL5 and BL7 Wall Lamps. The BL5 wall lamp also features the adjustable arm, whereas BL7 is a simpler version. Regardless of which model you prefer, these wall lamps are great night lights. That’s why the lamps are popular in the hotel industry. The lamps are also an excellent choice for lighting up hallways or corridors.

Give your décor a touch of luxury with the Bestlite Limited Edition

After being overtaken by brass and copper, the cool metals are once again making their way into our décor. The expression is simpler with a touch of luxury and an air of quality. Let the glossy nickel capture attention in your home. You can even pair it with natural materials for a stylish contrast. Paired with soft round shapes and textiles, the nickel finish creates a sense of minimalist luxury that’s trendier than ever before.

The lamp is a wonderful combination of tradition and innovation. It’s clear to see that it wasn’t designed yesterday. Its shape and details are classic, stylish, and the furthest thing from boring. The lamp is a great fit for all styles of interior design, right from old classic homes to ultramodern décor.

<hr> Great design, impeccable functionality, and a wonderful story

Great design, impeccable functionality, and a wonderful story

The history of the lovely design goes back 90 years, and it has more than proven its status as a classic. The lamp complements the décor of our time, just like it did 90 years ago. That’s not just a testament to its timeless design but also to its functionality.

In the late 1920s, English designer Robert Dudley Best went to Germany to study. He became enamoured with the Bauhaus and its style, which had risen to prominence in the 20s. His interest in the shapes and basic principles of the Bauhaus school were solidified during his travels to France. He found his inspiration for the Bestlite lamp at the world fair in Paris where Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier were represented.

When Robert came home with the first sketches, he succeeded in convincing his father to manufacture the lamps through the family firm, Best and Lloyd. At first, the lamps didn’t sell to private homes as expected but rather to car repair shops and the tech department of the Royal Air Force where the functionality of the lamp was greatly appreciated.

A few of the lamps ended up on the desks of architects, leading to an article in the The Architects Journal, where the lamp was named The first British Bauhaus production. Suddenly everyone wanted the lamp! Then-Prime Minister Winston Churchill personally selected the Bestlite Table Lamp for his desk. The story goes that he brought the lamp with him on his trips around the world. This became the big break for the Bestlite lamp, which has since become a staple for architects, designers, and lovers of design and is now considered a true classic.
From British designer to Danish Gubi

From British designer to Danish Gubi

Jacob Gubi, the owner of Gubi, first came across the Bestlite lamp in Copenhagen with his father. His father had previously seen the lovely lamp in a shoe shop, and the pair of them had gone to look at it. It was clear to both of them that there was something special about it. They travelled to Birmingham to visit the Dudley Best family and see how the amazing lamps were manufactured. The old production halls came as a bit of a surprise, but they were fascinated by the authentic surroundings—there were old tools everywhere, and the entire place was brimming with tradition and artisan knowhow.

Best and Lloyd were responsible for production of the lamps until 2003 when Gubi bought the rights to Bestlite. Gubi have a tendency to tell stories with their products. Every lamp or piece of furniture has a unique story, so the Bestlite lamp fits their ethos to perfection.

Find the complete BL90 Limited Edition collection here, and get it while it’s still in stock.