Finding the perfect wedding gift

Need some help finding the perfect wedding gift? We can help! Here’s a selection of 13 lamps at a range of prices and for lots of different uses.

Lamps are a perfect combination of design and function. They need to work with the existing décor concept – even if they’re statement pieces – and at the same time function as practical lighting. Give the happy couple a gift that will last for years and put smiles on their faces everyday. There’s no question that a new lamp will be a happy memory of their big day!

But which lamp to choose? Should it be a timeless classic that they’ll treasure their whole lives? Or a modern lamp that reflects their contemporary taste? Or what about something personal that will show that you really know and understand them? Whatever shape and colour you choose, you can be sure that one of these 13 lamps will be a wonderful reminder of their new life together.

This guide will help you find exactly which lamp will suit the couple you’re celebrating!

New design icons:

Marriage is an investment in the future – give them a gift that’s just as forward-looking. A new design icon! They’re already beloved by many, and we’re sure that the newlyweds will love them just as much.
Gräshoppa Table Lamp – GUBI

An expressive and playful design created in 1947 by Greta M. Grossman. This lamp is ideal functional and aesthetic lighting for a desk. Do they newlyweds work from home, or do they have a hobby that requires a desk with excellent working light? Give them this modern classic that will create just the right work environment. It’s as decorative as it is functional and demonstrates an appreciation for quality and design.
Caravaggio Pendant – Lightyears

The Caravaggio pendants from Lightyears were created by Danish designer Cecilie Manz. The simple beauty and minimalist look helped them achieve classic status in no time. Help the new couple create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere around their dining table with one of these pendants from Lightyears. Their lovely downlighting will illuminate many delicious dinners.


Thinking about an untraditional gift that will really show the happy couple that you know them well? Then choose one of our many colourful and whimsical lamps. Choose the colour that suits them perfectly and give them a colourful memory that will last a lifetime.
Flowerpot VP1 - &tradition

Are the newlyweds colourful and a bit retro? With a Flowerpot pendant from &tradition you can give them a lamp in precisely the right colour to match their retro-inspired interior. Everyone loves the Flowerpot and choosing one in the happy couple’s favourite colour makes the gift even more personal and thoughtful.
E27 Pendant – Muuto

This simple and colourful pendant from Muuto can be used alone or hung in a pair or cluster. However the new couple chooses to use them, they’ll give any home a dash of creative flair. Pick an E27 in a colour the couple love and it will be a treasured reminder of a special day.


For many of us style is the most important factor in decorating. Show the newlyweds that art and function marry perfectly in one of these gorgeous lamps. They’re both sculptural, something beautiful to look at for many years to come. (Apart from each other, of course!)

The ultimate wedding gift! Give the newlyweds this fantastic chandelier from Flos – a modern classic and a sculpture in and of itself. The lamp was created by the Italian designer Gino Sarfatti, and its Italian heritage is clear to see. It’s both elegant and emphatic – a gift that will draw attention and spread masterful illumination in the couples’ hall or over their dining table.

This sculptural table lamp from Menu comes in modern materials like concrete and marble. Are the newlyweds stylish lovers of Scandinavian design? The Danish brand Menu is a guarantee of both the qualities. With the JWDA table lamp you’ll be giving a gift that will make a shining contribution to the happy couple’s modern décor.


Do the newlyweds already have a home full of design classics? Then give them something completely new and different! They’ll love a lamp created in an experimental design language in contrast to their more traditional classics – it’ll give their home an exciting and modern twist.
Kizu Table Lamp – New Works

Two geometric shapes are juxtaposed in the Kizu table lamp. The traditional downward-facing lampshade is turned on its head, giving the lamp an experimental and distinctive look. It’s an ideal wedding gift, since it’ll capture the couple’s attention every time they see it and remind them of their special day.
Oslo Wood Floor Lamp – Northern

Northern’s Oslo Wood floor lamp was inspired by the lights of the big city, light filtered through the city’s buildings and open spaces, lamp posts and trees. The lamp emits a soft and diffuse light with a distinctly urban feel. If the newlyweds love the pulse of the city, this floor lamp will be just perfect for them.


You can spend an eternity looking for a perfectly unique wedding gift. After all, what do you give a couple that has everything? Why not a truly special lamp? Lamps spread both light and happiness, and you can never get enough of either.
Knekt in Matte Black – Konsthantverk

Do the newlyweds like handcrafts and a rustic interior design style? The Knekt lamp – available in both table and floor versions – could be an excellent choice that will match their style perfectly. It’s made from high-quality materials in the finest craftsman tradition. Lamps from Konsthantverk are guaranteed to add something unique to every home.
Mantis Wall Lamp – Schottlander

The Mantis lamps were created by the German-British designer Bernhard Schottlander in 1952. With their unusual, almost floating feel they’re more modern today than they ever were. There’s also something playful about them – there really aren’t any other lamps available today that are quite like Mantis. They would be an ideal gift for a couple who are always on the lookout for the distinctive and the uncommon.


Do the newlyweds like raw materials like concrete and brass? Or even chrome? Show them you’ve got a handle on their taste and give them an industrial lamp. They’re more popular than ever and will certainly make the happy couple even happier!
Bestlite BL6 Wall Lamp - GUBI

The lamps in GUBI’s Bestlite series were created by the British industrial designer Robert Dudley Best in 1930. With its clean lines, the influence of the Bauhaus on Best’s design language is unmistakable – he embraced the Bauhaus-period focus on functionality. The Bestlite wall lamp is a functional and at the same time enormously elegant light fixture, a lamp that will thrill a couple of modern newlyweds.
Kaiser Idell Table Lamp – Fritz Hansen

A true industrial icon! Created by Bauhaus designer Christian Dell in 1936, it has been an incredibly popular example of the style since its first appearance. Its functionality and chrome details echo early 20th century industrialization and urbanization. Give it to the couple who share a passion for the history of architecture and design.


If the happy couple have just bought a new home, or are in the process of creating a garden, then outdoor lamps would be a truly thoughtful gift. Outdoor lighting is a must in a garden or along a driveway, helping to create a welcoming atmosphere around the newlyweds’ new home.
Cube Outdoor Lamps – LIGHT-POINT

These small square lamps are traditionally used outside but would work equally as well indoors – in a hallway, for example. Give the new couple some Cube lamps and let them explore all of the many possible ways of using them. A perfect and very useful gift that will provide happiness for many years.